Getting into the Mindset of your Yoga Practice

When stepping onto my yoga mat, I remind myself that this is a sacred place. One's mat is where all else ceases to exist. I begin my yoga practice by taking a deep inhale, as I do so, I focus on the air rushing into my lunges, I breathe in positive energy. On my exhale, I blow the air out through my lips and exhale all negative energy out of my body. I like to think of myself as a blank slate when I start my practice. Each day is a new beginning and a new way to mold yourself into the person you aim to be, I begin each day with an open mind and a grateful heart.


I stretch for about 20-30 minutes at the beginning of my yoga practice sessions. When stretching, it is important to hold the pose for at least 30 seconds and to continue to breathe. In each pose, I think of something that I am grateful for. It makes holding a deep stretch a little bit easier but also reminds me of all the great things around me.

Be aware of your surroundings.

I love practicing yoga outside and connecting with the Earth. Getting dirty is just a part of the experience for me. It is vital to be in a place where your positive energy can thrive and your soul can be at peace when practicing the sacred art of yoga. However, I do practice in my living room in the morning quite often. As the sun is just beginning to rise, I pull my coffee table to the side, set up my yoga mat facing the glass doors of our porch and salute the sun. When I'm inside, I listen to my favorite Pandora station, "Native American Flute". The soundtrack of your practice can greatly affect your mindset, I also love "Calm Meditation" and for more upbeat/strength training yoga I love listening to Feist.

Practice positive energy

Regardless of where you are or what your goals in your yoga journey are, it is imperative that you practice with positive energy. Fill your heart with love, your mind with determination and your spirit with happy vibes. Your yoga journey will take you exactly where you're meant to go.

About the AuthorEmy attended Colorado Mountain College and earned degrees in both Theatre and Art.  She currently lives in Golden, Colorado with her boyfriend Mike who she travels with and makes art with. Find Emy on PumpUp @meowemy.

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Emy Hart Brown