Trang didn't consider herself to be a runner when she started her fitness journey. Most of her days were spent lounging on the couch. She contemplated the idea of working out, but never followed through. "I couldn't even run a mile straight," Trang admitted. "I was overweight 12 years ago and workouts felt like punishments to me. I always had excuses not to be active because I hated feeling tired."

When Trang was teased about eating McDonald's while she was vacationing in Asia, she knew that she needed to make a change. "I felt so heavy all the time and I didn't like what I saw in the mirror," she recalled. "I knew that I had to change when I could not [even] run with my dad in the park. He had more energy than I did." Slowly, Trang motivated herself to go on weekly runs. She joined PumpUp 10 months ago to keep track of her progress. "My friend told me how awesome [the app] was because it was solely for fitness," she revealed. "Fast forward to now. With PumpUp, I run every day. I'm currently training for a half marathon. I enjoy running so much, it gives me peace." 

At first, Trang used a fitness journal to stay on track. But ever since Trang started to chronicle her workouts and meals on PumpUp, she became more consistent at running and maintained her healthy habits. A 4-mile (or 6 kilometre) run now takes Trang 32 minutes to complete and she averages 8.7 minutes per mile. "I always try to keep my body moving as much as possible," she said. "I'm not fast, I just put in a lot of effort! Running really helped me to tighten up my legs and calves and it helps me not to feel sluggish. The only person I am competing with is myself." 

Trang advises others to change their mindset about fitness. Rather than treating each workout as a form of punishment, she instead views it as a way to relieve stress and built-up tension. "Perceive it as a way to improve your mental and physical health," Trang encouraged. "Make small changes to how you eat. Most importantly, it's better to start now. Don't wait for tomorrow."


Trang's workout routine

I try to run 6-7 miles daily, I do one hour of HIIT, I plank, and I try to do 30 minutes of core exercises every night. I don't have the fastest metabolism, but I put in a lot of effort to drag my body out of bed each morning to burn calories. It's a habit. 

Fun facts about Trang

I love hiking and long distance running. I have a fraternal twin who does crossfit. I have a hamster named Patrick. I eat a lot to keep my metabolism going, so it's okay to eat a cookie. Do not deprive yourself of good food.

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