"I sometimes get frustrated with the super slow progress that my body makes with my hypothyroidism," explained PumpUp member fitpanda007. She has a unique condition in which her thyroid gland ceases to produce enough hormones to keep her body working efficiently. Her metabolism slowed, and she felt a sense of defeat. "On hard days, it feels as if I work ten times as hard, eat fifty times better, and see very little improvement," she said solemnly. "I wish that the hard work that I put in on a daily basis would show more on my body." How progress photos keep me on track when my hypothyroidism discourages me

When fitpanda007 becomes discouraged, she takes a look back on her incredible 5-year journey. Despite her hypothyroidism, she beat the odds. Fitpanda007 lost over 75 lbs and carefully tracks her progress with the PumpUp community. "I like to do comparison photos on PumpUp so that I can see how far I've come," she insisted. "It has been a very hard journey for me, but I know I will accomplish my goals!"

How progress photos keep me on track when I get discouraged by my hypothyroidism

The PumpUp community is a great source of encouragement for fitpanda007. "Joining PumpUp has been really great, and everyone is inspiring and encouraging," she shared. "I truly appreciate the support and I thank everybody who shares their story with the PumpUp community. Our PumpUp family rocks!"