When your group fitness instructor commands you to drop down and give them twenty push-ups, you might cringe a little bit (or, a lot). If ordinary push-ups aren't challenging enough, it's time to switch things up. PumpUp member @elisesbodyshop demonstrated 6 different push-up variations that you can try at home. The beauty of these moves is that they don't require any equipment at all. Try these push-up variations regardless of your circumstances: whether you're rolling out of bed or rolling around sand at a beach.

Elbow Planks to Push-Ups

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Begin in an elbow plank position. Your forearms are resting on the floor and your shoulders are directly above your wrists. Look straight out in front of you and make sure that your spine isn't arched. Immediately press down into a push-up, press your body all the way up into a high plank, and lower one forearm at a time back down to the ground. Try to make sure that you sway your body as little as possible.

Wide to Narrow Push-Ups

Begin with narrow push-ups, keeping your elbows glued to the sides of your body as you lower yourself down. As you push yourself back up, hop your arms and legs at an incrementally wider stance. Do this one more time, then gradually make your push-up stance more narrow. You should do narrow, regular, then wide push-ups, reverse the sequence and repeat.

Sway Push-Ups

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Start in a push-up stance with your hands far wider than the width of your shoulders. Sway and lower your body down to your left side, making sure that your right arm is touching the floor and is extended. Push yourself back up, and lower down with control over onto the other side.

Clap Push-Ups

Perform a military-style push-up, with your elbows pressed against the sides of your body as you lower yourself down. When you push your body back up to plank, clap your hands together and immediately lower yourself back down.

Outside Leg Kick Push-Ups

Lower your body down into a push-up, and as you raise yourself back up, kick your left leg out towards the right side of your body. Try to touch your foot with your right hand. Bring your arm and leg back to plank, and repeat on the other side.

Knee to Elbow Push-Ups

As you lower yourself down to the ground, bring your knee towards your elbow. Keep your leg crooked on the outside of your body, rather than on the inside (as you would with mountain climbers).

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These push-up demonstrations were demonstrated by PumpUp member @elisesbodyshop. Find more workouts from the PumpUp community here.