We’re excited to introduce... The New PumpUp! Over the last year, PumpUp has grown to 4 million members in over 150 countries! We’ve heard your feedback and have worked day and night to give PumpUp a #TransformationTuesday of its own. Here’s what The New PumpUp is all about:

Introducing the New PumpUp

Swipe Navigation

Everything is just a swipe away in The New PumpUp. Access your feed, fitness tools, profile, and notifications with a quick swipe. Navigating the app is fast, simple, and fun.

Rapid Sharing

Tap the plus button to share a post wherever you are in the app. You can log your workouts, activities, and weight right from the share screen. Sharing your progress with the community is just a tap away.

Fitness Centre

All of your fitness tools have a dedicated home. It’s easy to access your workouts, track your activities and weight, and view your progress graphs. The power to accomplish your health goals is in the palm of your hands.

Personalized Feed

By liking posts and following other members, we learn what you’re interested in and provide you with a personalized feed just for you. The more you engage with the community, the more your feed will show you what matters most to you.

New App Icon

As PumpUp has evolved into a global network of people supporting each other to achieve their health goals, it made sense to develop an identity that truly represented our amazing community. Today we introduce the PumpUp Heart. The “up” from pumpup transforms into the shape of a heart - the universal symbol for health. The PumpUp Heart represents the desire to both achieve your health goals and show love to others, lifting each other up along the way.

From the team here at PumpUp HQ, we hope you love The New PumpUp! Let us know what you think on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and of course, on PumpUp! Thanks for all your support #TeamPumpUp. Stay tuned for even more to come! <3