Ivy (@hotchilipepper) is officially one of the most inspiring, dedicated, and motivational members to spread positivity around the PumpUp community. Her story is incredible. Not only does Ivy’s transformation set a precedent for healthy resolution-making, she’s also overcome hardships that are worth learning from. 

At the very beginning of her wellness journey, Ivy described herself as being 25 lbs. heavier, lethargic, and a victim to constant migraines.  She didn’t wait for a magical moment to catalyze her transformation; she simply made a decision to live healthier and made gradual changes to adapt to her new lifestyle.  “I dropped processed junk food and soda. Then I started eating lots of vegetables, lean meats, and fruits and drank lots of water and tea,” Ivy elaborated. “I began by walking every day. When I dropped some weight and had more energy, I started running.”


As a result of her shift toward more wholesome food, smaller portions, and more cardio, Ivy lost 20 lbs in two months.  “I became just skinny. I had no muscle tone,” she recounts. “When I realized this, I took a weightlifting class and became hooked. I learned a lot about how to perform different exercises with weights, gained more lean muscle mass, became stronger, and I have a more toned physique.”

A great deal of turbulence has marked notches in Ivy’s pathway to health and wellness. Two near-death incidents from her childhood taught her to truly value each moment.  These events impacted her decision to lead a much healthier lifestyle. “I became paralyzed when I was about 5 years old and all of the doctors gave up on me,” she elaborated. “My dad was a doctor and he did not give up on my treatment. It was a miracle that I lived and re-learned how to walk and talk.” When Ivy was younger, she was bullied because she was a much smaller child than the rest of her peers. “I was always sick and weak. I cried a lot but learned to keep my head up and use hurtful experiences as motivation to get stronger. I now read many articles about self-love and motivation in order to stay strong and positive. I do not compete with other people but myself and work hard to be better every day.”


Ivy gets her daily dose of motivation from community members on PumpUp who never fail to celebrate her progress. “Ever since I started using PumpUp, I am more motivated than ever before,” she gushed. “I have met many positive and amazing members. On days when I am not as motivated to work out or eat well, I read other members’ posts and they push me to be my best!” Not only is PumpUp a motivator for Ivy, it is also an accountability partner. “I log my workouts on the app so that I am motivated to not slack off,” she explained.

For beginners looking to lead a healthier lifestyle in 2015, Ivy stresses the importance of setting a goal and making a plan to accompany each benchmark. “It’s important to take baby steps and to be consistent,” she emphasized. “Do not expect big changes overnight and be patient—it takes time to form good habits. It’s not always easy, but being healthy is the best investment you’ll make in your entire life.” She encourages resolution-makers to never give up on themselves, no matter how hard or frustrating their journey may be.


As Ivy moves forward like a beacon of brightness that showers the PumpUp universe with vibrant and unmistakable rays of positivity, she aspires to motivate others to live healthily with the posts that she shares on PumpUp. “I am happy to receive feedback from people who told me that they did not give up—all because of me!” she exclaimed. “It is an amazing and proud feeling to have. In return, this motivates me to do even better. Working out keeps me strong, both physically and mentally. However when I see somebody else going through a similar problem, but they keep fighting through it, I can relate to it and I am absolutely motivated.”

Favourite snack

“Quest bars and nuts!”

Motivational Mantra

It does not easier, but you will get stronger.”

Favourite Workout

I love to lift heavy weights—it makes me feel invincible! My favourite moves are squats and deadlifts.”

Fun fact about Ivy

“I am a science nerd. I love watching sci-fi and action movies—just like a guy!”


Pump Ivy up on the PumpUp app at @hotchilipepper and on Instagram @pursuitofhappiness13.