Four years ago, when a friend shared a photo of Jessica online, she became motivated to lead a healthier lifestyle. “It made me sick to think that I let myself go that much,” she lamented. "Somehow, I hadn’t seen it until this point. I was so disappointed in myself. No wonder I suffered depression, anxiety, and secret eating.”

From that day forward, Jessica vowed to change her exercise and eating habits. She went from a UK size 18 to a size 4/6, gaining muscle and strength along the way. “I was so large in the beginning,” she recalled. “I never thought I could be the size I am now. Each size became fuel to get to the next size down. I overcame anxiety and depression by looking at what I was eating and why I was eating it. I got up and went to the gym instead of hiding away and feeling sorry for myself.” 

In January 2016, Jessica joined PumpUp in search of other like-minded people who were just as passionate about healthy living. “My friend told me about PumpUp after saying that I needed a better place to post my progress other than Facebook,” she remembered. “I don’t have many friends who are actually interested in the same things as I am right now, such as eating right, weight training, etc. PumpUp has, so far, been a great community to be a part of."

Although Jessica already transformed her lifestyle prior to becoming a PumpUp member, what she did find was a wealth of inspiration and knowledge to keep her motivated. “Being a member has given me inspiration from others in the kitchen and in the gym,” she insisted. “I get food ideas from what others post and I enjoy reading about what others are getting up to in their workouts. I’d say that it has helped me refine my own routine!” 

As a vegetarian, Jessica is sure to eat plenty of vegetables, rice, oats, fruit, and water. She exercises daily — often using the weight machines at the gym, or doing dumbbell and barbell exercises at home. Jessica also walks wherever she can to maintain her cardiovascular health. Moving forward, she hopes that her journey will inspire others to reach their goal. “I’m half the weight I was in the beginning but twice the person I was before,” she revealed. “I’ve grown as a person, in confidence. I still have a way to go, but once I’m there, I hope I’ll still get the same support and inspiration from PumpUp to stay where I want to be and not to slip up again. I know that one bad day is just that — one day.” 


Jessica’s Best Advice
"Just get out there! Even if it’s buying a dumbbell set to use at home. Every journey takes a single step to begin. Before you know it, you’ll be on a roll! Don’t be afraid to try new things."

Jessica's Support Group

"I've have had [so much main support] from the beginning with family and friends. My husband has helped immensely in the kitchen and working out. He's helped me so much that it's inspired him to get qualified in nutrition and weight management!"

Fun Fact about Jessica
"I work as a barista in a local coffee merchant. coffee is another passion of mine along with fitness and nutrition!"

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