Life After Losing 60 Pounds…It’s Not What You Think Pt. 1

I struggle. Every. Single. Day. I have 60 pounds at the time of this writing, and I am overjoyed with my accomplishment. I should be, of course!!!  I look so far from the person I was a year ago. I hardly recognize myself in the mirror. Hey, I actually LOOK in the mirror now! I even do my hair and buy clothes. This journey has led me to an amazing new career that I can’t even call a J.O.B. It’s a joy to do what I do! Every day I help women reach their health and fitness goals. I love checking in with them on PumpUp and achieve their milestones and I feel elated with them! I love to celebrate with them, post inspiring quotes and motivational bits to keep them going, to keep them strong. I post inspiring things to the PumpUp community to help everyone but that’s not all. 

I need those posts, too. 

When my PumpUp Family posts motivational, inspirational, progress posts, it’s incredibly moving to me and it really lights a fire to keep going on this journey. However, I’m afraid that I may have given the impression that I don’t struggle. That this weight loss was easy for me, and here I am all healthy and thinner 12 months later.  A few months ago I talked to a couple friends about a rough day I was having and I was startled at their response. They were surprised! They had no idea that I was struggling! 

It’s my fault, really. I don’t exactly post negative stuff on my feed. I figure that I don’t like reading posts of others that complain about their life all the time, so I don’t do that. I mean, there is enough negative, depressing things in the world, so I share struggles at a minimum and try to stick to posting positive, happy things. Why am I always positive? Well, always is a bit of a stretch…

About Natasha

I’m a 30 year old mom & wife! I own Natasha Jane Fitness, helping women reach their fitness & nutrition goals.

My user name on PumpUp is LiveHappyHealthyFit.
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