Although Mary always maintained an active lifestyle, her nutrition suffered. “I ate macaroni and cheese every day for supper,” she revealed. “After I had my two children, I wanted to lose weight.” Mary began to do intense and frequent cardio sessions while eating less than 1200 calories a day. This took a toll on her health and happiness. “I lost the weight, and I thought that I’d be happy, but I wasn’t,” she shared. “I was so focused on the scale that if I got over 120 lbs, I’d beat myself up. A trainer taught me how to eat better, and more food. She told me to do less cardio, and more resistance training."

Eventually, Mary stopped relying on the scale and started to take progress pictures. She joined the PumpUp community so that she could stay accountable to herself.  “I was lacking motivation and I needed to get back to my regular workouts,” she said. “I know that I always get motivation when I see that other people are doing similar things. I love seeing people’s progress and seeing everyone supporting each other.”  

Now that Mary does resistance training, she weighs more and feels better about her body. “I weigh 135 lbs and I love every bit of muscle that I put on,” she insisted. “I am lifting at least 5 days a week and I run 2 times a week. With PumpUp, I get up every morning to get my workout in and I post it. By posting my workouts, I am held accountable by my followers. I even have one follower who has challenged me this month and it makes working out more fun.  I am eating so much better, less Mac and Cheese and more fruits and veggies.  And I am eating way more than 1200 calories everyday."

Along the way, Mary had to overcome adversity from people who did not understand why she was embarking on her fitness journey. There were people who had negative things to say about her active lifestyle. “Where I live, there are very few people who are active and they like to talk about those who are different from them,” she shared. “When they first said mean things about me, I was hurt. I realized that they don’t understand my journey. I used their words to fuel my workout fire. Because of them, I’m better than what I thought I could be. I wanted to prove those people wrong, and that is what I am doing.” 

Moving forward, Mary wishes to inspire and be inspired by others on PumpUp. “I love when people reach their goals and I love seeing the encouragement and support that the PumpUp Community provides,” she gushed. “My biggest source of motivation are the people that I follow on PumpUp. When I see them post about the exercises that they do, it makes me want to do the same thing. I wake up and check out PumpUp before I do all of my workouts.” 

Mary’s Best Advice

Do your thing and do not listen to the haters out there.  When I first started lifting weights, people would say mean things to me. I kept on lifting weights and now they ask me what I am doing to look so fit.  Another thing is find something that you love and do it.  I hated cardio and I was miserable, but I kept doing it until I lacked motivation.  When I discovered weightlifting, it was a whole new feeling and I love it.  There are so many different types of exercised to choose from and they all have great benefits. Remember to start slow and then increase, slow and steady wins the race."

Mary’s Workout Routine

"My favorite workout routine is weightlifting and obstacle course racing.  I hate running but love the challenges of the obstacles.  I mix up my routine depending on what I am wanting to accomplish.  Right now, when I run, I like to jump over trees and swing on ropes."

More about Mary

"I love meeting new people at obstacle course races because I do most of the races by myself."

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