Meet Pat — PumpUp’s awesome mascot and your new gym buddy!


We’re still not to sure where Pat came from, but he’s rumoured to be the long-lost cousin of Osmosis Jones. That didn’t matter too much to us, because when we met Pat, we knew he had to be our official mascot! When we offered Pat the job, he had only one simple request: he gets to help design everyone’s workouts. How could we say no to that?

Pat has an infectious energy about him — it’s hard to explain. He motivates you to be your best and is always there with words of encouragement to keep you on track! He’ll give you that kick in the butt we all sometimes need to get up and hit the gym! To truly experience Pat’s energy, you’ll just have to work out with him.

Welcome to the team, Pat! We look forward to Pumping Up with you!