"Fun" might not be the first word you'd attribute to burpees. Love 'em or hate 'em, just do them. You'll work your legs, arms, and core in the process. For the month of March, we challenge you to try our 31-Day Burpee challenge. You'll improve your stamina and get a full-body workout in the process.

Burpee Challenge Rules

Start the Mighty March burpee challenge by doing 2 twist burpees (shown in the calendar below). Increase the number of reps by 2 burpees every day until the end of March. Don't worry - we won't make you do this exercise all day every day.  Take a break every seven days.  These burpees are meant to supplement (rather than substitute) your existing workout routine.

Get started by sharing this photo on PumpUp and by tagging 2 other friends to join you!

Take a "before" photo of yourself at the start of the burpee challenge. Every Tuesday, remember to share a full body #TransformationTuesday photo on PumpUp to track your progress!

Up for the challenge? Share this calendar on PumpUp, tag two friends to join you, and tag your photos with #MightyMarch and @pumpup.