push reminders

Push Reminders

Yeah, we all say we’ll work out, but how often do we actually work out? PumpUp now gives you a push that will surely get you moving more.

better breaks

Better Breaks

There’s a lot you can do when you’re taking a break after a tough set — grab some water, chat with your friends — but what if you’re a keener and you want to get ready for what’s next? Well, as it turns out, we have lots of keeners, so we’ve made it easier to get ready for the next exercise during your breaks!

Other Things

Some would argue that it’s the small things that count, so we made sure to include lots of them:

  • Swipe to delete workouts!
  • Know where you are in your workout with the new workout progress bar!
  • Voice your requests in our new feedback section!
  • No more typing in your Facebook email/password — we now use iOS6’s Facebook Single Sign-On!
  • Get even better workouts, especially when you add in some cardio!
  • Enjoy improved performance and fixes to minor bugs that you may have experienced.

Thanks for working out with PumpUp! We’re gearing up for a big update, so stay tuned and keep pumping up!