You’d be hard-pressed to find a PumpUp member who creates wittier captions than Francesca P (@limitlesstyle). She’s much more than just a funny scribe: Francesca shines radiantly in the PumpUp spotlight for her truly remarkable and inspiring journey from pain to power, combatting deep depression through the help of exercise and the support of PumpUp’s community. 2015 is her year of enlightenment: the year that she strives to be there for others as fellow members of humanity in the finest, and truest sense of the word.


February 2014 marked the very beginning of Francesca’s fitness journey, though she admitted that she was not as committed to achieve her goals until she found PumpUp in June 2014. “I was able to feel accountable through PumpUp,” she affirmed. “I stumbled upon PumpUp on Instagram and I fell in love with the idea of the app. I never looked back. I found a group of people whom I’ve come to love and respect. They are now my second family and they motivate me daily.”  The community embraced her with open arms when she sought support, and she has done nothing but shower other members with words of positive encouragement in return.


Francesca had a tremendous obstacle to overcome when she first began to embrace a healthy lifestyle. “My baby sister was a cross-country runner and fitness enthusiast who lived in Africa, and she was murdered,” told Francesca. “This sent me into a deep depression for 3 years. I rarely left my house and I gained 35 lbs. Now I’m beginning to heal. She’s my biggest motivation.”

Francesca runs to keep her sister’s memory alive, and does so frequently. I still suffer from depression, and even now and again it tends to creep back up,” she explained. “I know it’ll pass if I just go for a run, no matter how short.” Take a look at Francesca’s schedule: 5km jogs 3-5 times a week, and weightlifting 2-3 times a week. Impressive is an understatement: Francesca went from 187 lbs to 158 lbs since last February. She’s stronger and more determined than ever to spread positivity and to achieve her health and fitness goals.  

As she continues along her journey with the PumpUp community, Francesca hopes to inspire and motivate as many people as she possibly can. Anybody on PumpUp can always rely on her posts to brighten up their day. “I want all of my followers, especially those who are 40 and/or are dealing with any kind of loss to see my page and know that they aren’t alone,” she confided. “Believe in yourselves, take this journey day by day, and you will accomplish great things in no time at all.”


Favourite Meal

Yorgurt with granola and fruit

Motivational Mantra

"The most authentic thing about us is our ability to endure, to transform, and to be greater than our suffering"

Favourite PumpUp Workout

The total body pump!”

Fun Fact about Francesca

“I love to travel, and have seen almost all of Europe! I am a big jokester!”


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