February is about self-discovery. Join our 28-day fitness photo challenge! To get started, share this blog post with 2 friends. Follow the calendar every day, add #Fabuary to your captions on social media, and give us (@pumpup) a tag, too. To keep your mind and body active, make sure to do the daily exercise and reps after you share your photo. Turn this #Febuary into #Fabuary!


How the #Fabuary Fitness Photo Challenge Works

To follow this fitness photo challenge, you'll also need to do the exercises associated with each day of the week.

  • Mondays: Wide-arm push-ups
  • Tuesdays: Step-ups
  • Wednesdays: Push-up to side plank
  • Thursdays: Plank arm raises
  • Fridays: Jumping lunges
  • Saturdays: Plank jacks
  • Sundays: Tricep dips

Make sure you do the number of reps for every day of the calendar! The number of reps will increase every week as you build strength.

To start off the fitness photo challenge, write about what self-love means to you. Feel free to draw from a memory, or write about the steps you're currently taking to achieve self-love. Have fun! Leave questions or suggestions for us in the comments below.

Cover photo courtesy of Instagram user @cookingfinger