Wow… 2013 has truly been one awesome year. We’ve come a long way from launching in January with a few hundred (amazing) members, to today, where we’ve forged an inspiring community with hundreds of thousands of members. We’ve made it to #1 in Australia and the Top 3 in App Stores across the world, we were featured on TV, radio, and numerous popular publications, we won competitions in North America and Europe, we raised capital from world class investors, and best of all, we’ve built a growing team of brilliant, hardworking, and ambitious fitness nerds with one common goal: to improve the health, fitness, and lives of people across the globe.



When we look back at 2013, we’ve come a long way — but we’re just getting started. In 2014 we’re going to continue to rapidly expand our community, build innovative fitness tools, and grow our awesome team. We’re pumped for a big year ahead!

Finally, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you. Yes, you. If you’re reading this, then you’re a big part of why this post exists in the first place. Friends, family, investors, mentors, ambassadors, journalists, and most importantly, each and every one of our amazing #TeamPumpUp members — we wouldn’t be here today without all your support! You guys rock, and we hope you have a happy and healthy 2014 filled with lots of fun… and lots of PumpUp!

Happy New Year!