We’re blown away by @jessie_189’s outstanding progress over the past few months! Jessie hopes to become a personal trainer one day and she’s making a terrific start (if we do say so ourselves) by being such a positive and supportive member of the PumpUp community! Learn about Jessie’s journey towards healthier eating, her workout secrets, her enthusiasm for peanut butter, and how people on PumpUp inspire her to be confident about her progress!

Jessie has been truly active and supportive of other members on PumpUp for just over three months . “At first I didn’t really understand how to use [PumpUp] so it just kind of sat on my phone, but once I started posting pictures it quickly became my favourite app!” she exclaimed. “I can honestly say that my life has completely changed (cliché, I know!) But I’m the kind of person that usually stays dedicated to something for about a month before I quit.”


Though she already exercised quite regularly prior to joining PumpUp, Jessie’s healthy lifestyle truly manifested itself through a balanced and wholesome approach to eating. “Before PumpUp, healthy eating for me was nonexistent. I was cycling between eating a bunch of junk, and being way too restrictive,” she admitted. “I did a fair amount of cardio and was definitely intimidated by weights.”

This isn’t the case any longer. Jessie has been making tremendous and observable progress with the help of the PumpUp community. “I love PumpUp because you can be completely honest with your progress and still have a ton of support!” affirmed Jessie. “This has really kept me on track because I can look at how much my body has changed just by looking at older pictures on my page.” She now eats mostly wholesome and healthy food and works out an impressive 6-7 times per week by doing abs and some form of cardio every day, alternating between arm and leg days. “I feel like I have so much more energy than I did before. At first, I used to dread working out but now it is BY FAR my favorite part of my day!”



Like many others, Jessie is working to tone up her body and build more muscle as she continues along her health and wellness journey. “Since I’ve started making an effort to change my ways, I have put on around 20 pounds (most of which is muscle),” she said. “I gained almost 2 inches around my arms, and 4 inches around my thighs, all while keeping my waist relatively the same.”

Jessie does her best to motivate people on PumpUp at every single opportunity she gets. She confessed that her biggest motivation is, in fact, scrolling through the app and seeing the progress of other members.  “Honestly, nothing is more inspiring than being able to see real people making real changes, and achieving real results!” she professed.


She encourages others to believe in themselves—to be proactive and take charge of their own wellbeing. “No one is going to hold your hand and the only person who can make the changes is you,” Jessie insisted. “Be your own motivation, and never stop reminding yourself how much you want this!”


Jessie’s Meals

I love cooking and I love food, but peanut butter is everything. Seriously, I consume a huge jar by myself in about two weeks. I’m really the person that throws a bunch of stuff together and hope it tastes good!”

Motivational Mantra

"It ain’t about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done." - Rocky Balboa

Favourite Exercises

“I love squats, lunges, and deadlifts for legs. Oblique planks and crunches have also helped my develop my abs. Some favorite upper body exercises are: reverse flys, lat pull downs, and renegade rows.”

Fun Fact about Jessie

I really hope to become a personal trainer one day! Nothing would make me happier than to help people achieve a healthy lifestyle.”


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