So, apparently when our 2nd Grade teacher told us to complete the tedious task of writing down everything we wanted to accomplish this year they actually had a great point! Setting goals, believe it or not, are a key element in accomplishing and sticking with your fitness and health regiment.

Here at PumpUp, we’d like to extend a challenge to all of you. Grab a pen and paper (or your fav notes app) and write down 5-10 goals that you want to accomplish – sorry if we’re starting to sound like that 2nd grade teacher ;). Here are our tips to actually ensure these goals aren’t forgotten or given up on.

1. The goals don’t have to be, “become as jacked as Arnold Schwarzenegger” – although if that is your goal, hey, more power to you! They can be as simple as doing 20 sit-ups every night, eating at least 1 fruit and vegetable a day, or improving the speed at which you run. Every goal counts!

2. Always set goals in a positive light. Don’t write, “Never eat candy”. Why? Well, first of all this isn’t plausible because at some point we’re likely going to eat a piece of candy, which will in turn make us sad because we failed our goal. Second it is set in a negative light by using the word “never”. Instead, try rephrasing the goal to something like this: “When I want a snack, have dried fruit, nuts, vegetables and hummus”. You get the idea ☺

3. Set a time frame so that you aren’t just making open-ended promises to yourself. Summer goals are awesome because you are less busy in the summer, and basking in the great outdoors will make you happier, therefore helping you reach your goals.

4. Here is the last, most important rule that PumpUp has to goal setting. Do not quit. One bad day doesn’t have to turn into one completely ruined goal. Pick yourself up and start again the next day. Quitting doesn’t even give you a chance to succeed.

So, take PumpUp up on our challenge to make a list of goals and this summer, take it upon yourself to accomplish them. Post your goals in your room, on the fridge, and of course, share it on the PumpUp community to help make yourself accountable! Remember, when the going gets tough, the PumpUp community is here to help you stay motivated and on track with your goals. Let’s do it #TeamPumpUp! J Photo Credit for silhouette picture PumpUp user: @mysport