Calorie counting used to consume Rachel's life. After five months of carefully tracking every single meal, Rachel decided that enough was enough.  "After I reached my goal weight, I simply couldn't find motivation to eat healthy," she revealed. "I was mentally tired. When I was counting calories, my life was full of ups and downs and I was tired of living this way. I asked myself - 'Is this how I have to live my whole life?'" While using PumpUp, Rachel began to eat intuitively. Gradually, she thought less and less about how many calories were in her meals and focused more on the quality of food that she was eating. Over the course of two years, Rachel lost 52 pounds. "I am getting stronger every single day and I eat healthy meals overall," she shared. "I eat what I want, and when I want to. It's a lifestyle, not a diet. I figured that I needed to be healthy for the long run, and not just for a month."


The PumpUp community inspired Rachel to incorporate more variety into her meals and workouts as well. "Before PumpUp, I mostly stuck to weightlifting and cardio," she remembered. "I ate the same things - it was always plain. With PumpUp, I've added HIIT workouts to my routine. I've discovered delicious recipes and amazing people who motivate me. I have been using PumpUp for over a year. I use it for quick workouts, recipes, progress photos and daily motivation."

Moving forward, Rachel hopes to help others find motivation, set goals, and connect with others who share the same passion for fitness. "Fun fact: the only social media account I have is Instagram...which I made thanks to PumpUp," she said. "I love the support I get from PumpUp and the fitness community that comes with it. I hope to help PumpUp members who are just starting out."

Rachel's Greatest Source of Motivation

"My biggest source of motivation is God. 'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me | Philippians 4:13'"

Rachel's Workout Routine

"I work out 5x a week - weight training is my favorite, as well as cardio. I love running at night, on the beach. It's a perfect way to end my day."

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