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Hi Pumpup family! I am Gerilyn, (@toafitme) and I would be sharing my weight loss journey with everyone here frequently!

2 years ago back in 2012, I reached 147 pounds after 3 months of non-stop bingeing and without any form of exercising. I was very unhealthy at that point of time and hence, I decided to try to lose weight. I would do cardio at least 4 times a week and tried my best to eat clean everyday. However, I was so focused on losing weight fast that I often ‘starved’ myself. On average, I only consumed around 600 calories a day. I lost around 18 pounds in 4 months.

After entering university last year, I stopped working out and began to eat normally again (3 meals a day) due to my busy schedule as a university student. As a result, I began gaining back all the weight I lost, and reached an all-time high of 149 pounds in around July 2014. All my previous efforts had gone to waste.


(left: 149 lbs; right: 138 lbs)

I could no longer fit into my clothes and often felt sad and dejected due to my body size and image. I even developed emotional bingeing on food due to insecurities and stress. My elder sister who often caught me bingeing unneccesarily would often reprimand me. I had always tried to start working out again but it always failed as I had little self-discipline.

Everything changed when I discovered PumpUp through the app store and began using the app more frequently a month ago (September 2014). Every user on the app is so encouraging and positive that makes me want to try and lead a healthier life again.

I pushed myself real hard to make an effort to exercise whenever I can, and tried to eat clean whenever possible. I became more active on PumupUp as well, using it to track my daily activities and my weight. This time, I am more than determined to reach my ultimate goal and will never give up.

I have lost around 9 lbs ever since and I am currently still trying my best to attain the body that I have always wanted.


Here are some of the workouts that I tried during these past 2 months:

  1. High intensity interval training for 20 minutes
  2. Long distance running (5km-6km)
  3. Simple Weight-lifting in gyms
  4. Workouts built using PumpUp

I still have around 25lbs to lose before I reached my goal weight and I also intend to tone up my body and build more muscles! There are definitely many more things to do and I am really excited about it.

Losing weight is definitely not an easy task and I myself often faced many obstacles or emotional problems as well. Follow me on my journey and I will be sharing with you about the challenges I faced and how I managed to overcome them. Having a healthy lifestyle is a choice and I chose it. Let’s all do this together!


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