Have a busy schedule and feel like you can barely fit in a solid workout? Maybe you feel that making your meal instead of buying takeout is impossible? We have guest blogger Amanda, from Shapin’ Up on the PumpUp Blog today. She shares with us her tips and trick to balance that perfect healthy lifestyle with a crazy busy on-the-go life! Keep reading to learn how to make the most out of your days. 

ShapinUp.com Tips for Staying Fit

I have a pretty packed schedule. Full-time I’m a marketing manager at TV network and part-time I’m a cycling instructor, blogger and love competing in marathons and triathlons. Beyond all of that, I also love to see friends, go out to dinner and enjoy all that NYC has to offer. Given my full schedule, making a plan and sticking to it is the way I stay my most fit and healthy. Below is how I create a schedule and stick to it. Use these tips to create your own schedule to find a healthy and fit balance in your life!

1. Sign up for a race & make a training schedule: Signing up for a big race can be daunting but I love the challenge it provides. It gives you a goal and will make you more dedicated to working out. Whether you’re opting in for your first 5K or you’re going after an Olympic triathlon, take the first step and sign up! With a big race on the horizon you’ll have a reason to stick to your workouts. As soon as I sign up for a race I make myself a schedule. I review a variety training plans online then create my own, one that works with my schedule that I will realistically be able to stick to. As an example, here’s what I put together for my next two races, The Nations Triathlon in DC and the Detroit Half Marathon:


Once I make my training plan I print it and put it somewhere I’ll see it every day. I highlight the items I’ve completed as I go; it’s super gratifying to be able to check off a workout.

2. Take weekly food shopping trips and make a meal plan: If my apartment is not properly stocked with healthy meal options, I know I’m in trouble. For me, it works best that I go on a big shopping trip on Sundays. I don’t go in blindly, first I think about the week ahead. When do I have dinner plans? Which days will I need to bring lunch to work? Then I create my meal plan. I decide which days I’ll be cooking and what recipes I want to make. Again, it’s all about planning. Make sure you have a detailed list ready before you head to the store. It will stop you from buying unnecessary sweets and will also keep you from ending up with a grocery cart full of random ingredients. Everything you buy should make sense for your week ahead. This is the meal planning chart I use each week:

imageI also keep on hand a list of go-to recipes for the weeks where I’m feeling not-so-creative in the kitchen. For breakfast it’s mini egg muffins or chia seed pudding, for lunch it’s crock pot chicken or kale salad and for dinner it’s salmon or a spaghetti squash dish.

3. Get sleep: An often forgotten about key to being healthy and happy is sleep! I struggle finding the time to get in all my workouts, plan and cook my meals, have time with friends and get proper sleep, but again, it’s all in the planning. Recently I’ve been falling short on the necessary hours of sleep each night and put together an action plan for myself:


By following this plan each day I’m closer to reaching those much-needed eight hours of shut-eye at night. Sure, I don’t always get the lights off by 10:30pm but by having this checklist of actions, I’m getting way closer. 

There are millions of excuses for skipping a workout or grabbing an unhealthy dinner, but with the right planning and the right mindset you’ll make it to more of your early morning runs and have your house stocked with the right foods.

Play around with different schedules and see what works for you. In no time you’ll be on the right track to a healthier lifestyle!

About the Author:


I’m Amanda Shapin, a 20-something blogger living in NYC. Aside from running Shapin’ Up, I’m a cycling instructor at Equinox, triathlete, marathoner and have a full-time job in media marketing. A packed schedule can sometimes get in the way of getting to the gym or cooking a well-balanced meal, but with proper planning and knowledge you can make the time to live your healthiest and happiest life. 


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