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Although yoga is known for helping people to improve their flexibility, strength, and confidence,  there is more to it. Yoga’s benefits can effectively improve the health of your skin. How is this possible?

Yoga relieves stress.

A lot of people end up getting a pimple or two when they are stressing out. By practicing yoga you slow down your breath and this way you are able to have a calmer mind not just during your practice but also in your daily life.

Improved oxygen flow

Yoga practice helps you to breath deeper and through the entire body. Deep breathing can help you to utilize your full lung capacity. Increased oxygen update will help your body to expel toxins from your bloodstream and organs through exhalation.  

Better Circulation

Certain poses increase blood flow throughout your entire body. Moves like forward folds and inversions are especially good for increased blood flow to your face.

In the two videos in this blog, you can multitask by reaping the benefits of yoga and skin care while also making time for yourself. You can get through these videos even without the face mask and still get the benefits for your skin as the poses are focused on helping you to have a glowing skin.

About Marinka Essel

I am a 22 year old girl from Helsinki, Finland and I would like to introduce yoga for people as a great workout routine that gets you to know your body.  I wish to attract different types of people to highlight the fact that yoga can be an everyday hobby.

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