Friends don't let friends skip leg day!When you ask the average person what they do when they work out, you’ll hear things like bicep curls or exercise ball crunches, but what about your legs? Remember, those beautiful tree trunks that get you from A to B? Working your lower half doesn’t just avoid getting ‘chicken legs’, but also has multiple benefits that can improve your workouts and your life!

First off, leg exercises like squats increase your body’s metabolism for up to 48 hours post-workout. This means you’ll be burning more calories than usual for a full two days after your workout! Want to gain muscle mass while leaning out your body? Just throw some squats into your workout.

Working your lower body also enhances your overall power. Anything from sprinting to jumping will see drastic increases from just a few hours a week of dedicated lifting. This is huge for all you athletes trying to get to the next level. PumpUp’s leg workouts give you the opportunity to gain that explosive athletic power needed to dominate your opponents.

As we age, our balance takes a hit. Want a way to delay those aging effects? Easy: don’t skip out on legs day. Leg exercises contribute to improved balance and coordination that will help you in your daily life.

Need another reason to work your legs? Multiple studies have shown that women and men find the opposite sex more appealing when they have a developed, athletic-looking lower body. So, don’t forget to work your legs because you will regret it!

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