This is a photo that PumpUp Member, Ali, shared with us, and the rest of the #PumpUpFam after finally finding the confidence to let everyone in on her story. The caption read: “So the main reason I started my fitness journey was because I never saw myself as pretty or beautiful because of my leg. It wasn’t until today. My trainer pointed out that it was the first time in 3 months that I looked at myself in the mirror when working out.” We’ve got more on Ali’s journey and how she found her confidence and changed her life to be much healthier! Keep on reading!

PumpUp was introduced to Ali 4 months ago. Ali had never been overweight or very unhealthy, the only reason she started using the app was because she started to see and hear a lot of hype about it on her IG fitness pages. She says, “I looked into it to see what PumpUp was all about, and came to the conclusion that it would help me achieve my goals.” When Ali signed up for PumpUp she thought that it was a private profile, so she was in for a treat when people started to follow and like her stuff. She says, It was really funny because when I started with the app I didn’t understand it at all and I didn’t realize when I got notifications that it meant people were following/supporting me. I thought it was only a profile for myself and that it was only an app to log my activity. It finally clicked and I actually understood the full effect of the app. Since then, it’s been a great guide for me on the days where I don’t meet with my trainer but still want to put in a good workout.”


Before Ali became interested in PumpUp she went through a really tough injury to her SI joint. Ali tells us, “It really took a toll on how active I could be. I would eat foods that were only quick to cook like Kraft Dinner, and would just sit around the house being lazy. I think the most active I would get was at work, when I would walk my puppies, and around campus.” Now that Ali has found the motivation with PumpUp to stay active and eat healthy she has made a lot of changes. Ali says, “I usually use PumpUp for the days when I need a mini break from studying that doesn’t involve me sitting on the couch watching TV. I’ve noticed that now I’m more conscious about the foods I’m putting on my plate/in my mouth.” Ali’s daily routine now, consists of school, going to the gym with a trainer 3x a week, and work. On the days Ali doesn’t go to the gym, that is where she uses PumpUp to customize her workouts.

When Ali first started working out she only had a little bit of confidence, she would never look at herself in the mirror during a workout, and now she says, “I sometimes catch myself looking up and having fun with it all. On PumpUp I shared a story about myself and the feedback I got was probably the best feeling I’ve had, I didn’t think one post about me would impact people the way it did. I hope that someday someone will look at my profile and see my story as an inspiration.” We are so glad you did share your story Ali and seeing you gain more confidence is amazing.

What is Ali’s advice to all of you who keep on pushing while on your fitness and health journey? “Only look at the positives and don’t put yourself down. My trainer keeps a journal of my progress and every once in a while my trainer will tell me where I was and where I’m at now and it really drives me to continue and push myself more.”

A big force that contributes to Ali’s motivation was watching her grandparents pass away from cancer. “If I can do anything to help prevent that illness from myself I will try!” Ali also says, “At the same time, I can’t really say that there is one thing or person that motivates me. I have an amazing trainer that pushes me, even though there are days I would rather not do anything. My family constantly tells me how much better I’m doing and looking. Then there is the support from the PumpUp community that has the most positive vibe ever! Seriously, never a bad day on PumpUp! There is also myself, and the major progress I’ve made physically and mentally.”


Ali’s Favourites:

Ali’s Fave Foods:

“I’m such a snob when it comes to recipes, I don’t usually like to share them (haha.) One of my favourite things to eat would have to be my Mom’s couscous.”

  • Use either the whole grain or regular kind in packages.
  • Add the vegetables you want, usually cucumbers, tomatoes, and corn.
  • Sometimes add chicken for protein.
  • Then to top it off squirt with half a lemon.

“I’m also a sucker for fruit infused water. My favourite combo would have to be strawberry mint. Super refreshing for the summer!

I won’t lie, a guilty pleasure of mine would be salt and vinegar chips. I love a good crunch. I have noticed that I don’t indulge in them as much, but I will have a bag every once in a while.” 

Fave Part of the App: “The best part about this app is how many people, who you never would have met otherwise, who support, care, and congratulate you on your fitness journey and the successes you have made.”

Motivational Saying: “‘Oh yes, the past can hurt; but you can either run from it, or learn from it’ –Rafiki. Being a victim of bullying this was one quote that stuck with me for some reason. It pushes me to become a better person of myself.”

Go to Workout: “Would have to be Full Body Blast. It was one of the first ones I tried out, it killed me but it was worth it. The only thing is that the workouts have a lot of push-ups, I still can’t bring myself to like those! Otherwise, I like hot yoga, workouts with my trainer, and I don’t mind a good walk here or there.”

While Ali is making great improvements and being super healthy her injury is something that will always be with her. Ali says, “I have to face the fact that since my injury has happened it won’t ever really go away, even if I strengthen it as much as I want. There are days where if I sleep the wrong way, push myself too hard, or sit for too long it will rotate and I won’t be able to walk for long periods of time, which results to be living on an ice pack. With that said, I have been able to grow from it and learn.  With constant help from my trainer, I am able to do certain workouts that help achieve my goals, but don’t stress on the joint as much.”

Want to be let in on some more info from Ali? Well she has a serious love for potatoes! She says, Along with my guilty pleasure of potato chips, you could also say I just love potatoes in general; my dads amazing mashed potatoes, and cheesy potatoes are always a good treat.” Another interesting fact is that Ali has a twin that she looks nothing alike, and an older sister who you would think be her identical twin! Crazy!

Ali not only has a great story, but she is also an incredibly hard worker! Follow Ali on PumpUp @ali_italia95 and support her on her journey and be motivated to work just as hard as she does.