It’s Spotlight time on the PumpUp blog… and who did we get to know better this week? That would be the one and only Fit Barbara Torres (@fitbarbaratorres). This 18 year-old PumpUp member with a crazy core and an incredibly hard work ethic shares her tips and thoughts along her PumpUp journey.  


January of this year, Barbara decided that she was going to make a full lifestyle change. She wanted to start exercising and eating healthier. The hunt for an amazing fitness app was on. Barbara stumbled across the PumpUp app, and jumped on board the PumpUp family. Exactly 9 weeks ago she started using PumpUp and as she says, “I became addicted to the community.”

Before PumpUp became an everyday part of Barbara’s life she was still trying to be healthy and exercise on her own. She shares with us, “I was trying to be healthy but it resulted in no progress because I had zero motivation. I ate a lot of cookies and bread, and drank a lot of soda. Exercising was tough too, although I worked out 2 times a day I was doing this at home and most of the time I was lost and had no idea what to do.”

Now that Barbara is hooked on PumpUp she changed some of her old habits and really put her whole self into a new healthier routine. Barbara lets us know, “I am now 100% motivated due to PumpUp and the awesome community that has made me confident and addicted to fitness.” Barbara works out 6 times a week, and is sure to incorporate PumpUp workouts into her own exercises. Barbara likes to do the core workouts on PumpUp to stay active, along with her self defence classes that act as her cardio workouts.


Why does Barbara love PumpUp so much?  “PumpUp is the best personal trainer I could ever have. This app gave me motivation and a ton of effective workouts. Most importantly though, when my exams started I almost gave up and my activity on PumpUp was really declining. PumpUp sent me an email saying that I hadn’t workout in a while, checking in if everything was okay. I thought to myself, really? What other app does this? I love this app for getting me back on track again.”

We asked Barbara who her biggest motivation was. She tells us, “Michelle Lewin is my biggest motivation. She has the most amazing body I have ever seen. Through Instagram and her videos she has given me a lot of effective workouts.” Making a change isn’t easy, and Barbara knows that. With change sometimes comes criticism and Barbara has definitely felt that. She says, “I have had to deal with a lot of jealous and negative people. They would say things to bring me down. Due to this community and the PumpUp Fam I never listened to them and did not give up.” Good for you Barbara! :) 


Barbara’s Favourites:

Fave Snack: “ Mixture of banana with peanut butter and protein powder.”

Fave Meal: “Has got to be grilled chicken with a big salad.”

Favourite Drink: “A toss up between green tea or orange juice!”

Favourite Motivational Saying: “Take care of your body. Is the only place you have to live.” Jim Rohn

Favourite Exercise: “SQUATS (very low so I can feel the burn)”

Something Interesting About Barbara: “My fitness goal this moment is to gain more muscle mass (3kg) and define my core even more. Since being part of the PumpUp community I am much more confident about myself physically but mentally too!”


Barbara has some advice for anyone looking to change their life into a more active one like she did, “for people to achieve their goals they need to triangulate exercise, healthy food and a positive mind. With those 3 things in check there will be no stopping you from reaching your goals.”

PumpUp has helped Barbara accomplish what she set out to do: get motivated, have people inspire her, and have fitness become a habit, not just a chore. We are so glad that Barbara seriously eats, breathes, and lives fitness. Not only has she reached her goals, but also she herself is becoming the motivating and inspiring person that she set out to find. Follow Barbara on PumpUp and Instagram @fitbarbaratorres to be inspired by her hard work and dedication!