The best part of PumpUp has got to be the vast diversity among our members. At PumpUp we have members who are just starting out with their fitness journey, some have never even worked out before, some are so advanced they should be teaching us stuff, and you know what’s really cool? We even have personal trainers using PumpUp!  Sweet!

 One of these personal trainers is Carly. A 26-year-old PT and fitness blogger on YouTube from Norwich – she’s super funny and has a ton of good tips, I would suggest going to her channel and checking her out! Want to read more about this quirky and motivating personal trainer, and her PumpUp journey? We spoke with Carly and got all the dirt on her life and experience as a personal trainer and PumpUp member.

 Although Carly has always been a big fan of the gym, it was never in her plan to become a personal trainer. However, once the recession took over the economy she came to the realization that she wasn’t in her dream career, and began filming YouTube videos. She shares with us, “4 months into making videos, my followers were sending me photos of their bodies and telling me that I had helped change them - they wanted me to PT them.”After that, Cary knew that she wanted to be a personal trainer.  Carly’s favourite part of being a Personal Trainer? “Watching a persons whole demeanor change. It’s not just about the physical, there’s a lot of psychology behind training someone, its amazing how much one person can grow when you give them the tools!”


 As a Personal Trainer, Carly is constantly flooded with emails about trying new fitness apps. A little over a month ago she was introduced to PumpUp. To her, PumpUp was something different and it jumped out at her. The idea behind the app intrigued her enough to give it a try. As Carly says, “I had a little play, and voila, addicted!” The best part about the app to Carly is, “It has enabled me to interact with my followers. PumpUp is a tool to keep them motivated when I can’t. Plus I love the fact that you can use it when on holiday or basically anywhere in the world!” Carly is currently trying for the Women’s Health Cover Model competition. She has been using PumpUp to give her HIIT ideas!

We wanted to know what “A Day in the Life of Carly” is like. She shares with us, “my life changes daily! My working week is generally a 5:30am wake up call, scrambled egg and vegetables for breakfast. Then I head to the gym to train my clients, usually back to back until lunchtime when I usually have chicken, broccoli and sweet potato. Now don’t get excited, her day isn’t over just yet! “Then I work with another couple of clients before training myself (if I’m lucky) and then more clients resulting in me finishing around 9:30pm and heading home to cook chili or something delicious before bed!” Carly is seriously busy, but still makes time to live an awesome and healthy life. As for the “No Time” excuse Carly wants to tell all of you, “If you have time to watch TV or read a book, you have time to workout, it only takes 20 minutes, get your butt outside!” Wise words, Carly, we couldn’t agree more! Carly’s best advice to PumpUp members is simple, “interact, make friends, and show off that body - show people just how fit you are and experiment with different workouts!”

Carly’s Favourites:

Fave Snack: Homemade popcorn, Protein balls, PB protein cups

Fave Drink: WATER, with anything in it – lime, lemon, blueberries, basically whatever you feel just dump it in!

Favourite Motivational Saying: “One good meal won’t make you thin, just like one bad meal won’t make you fat.”

Favourite Workout: “I love HIIT, and basically anything that gets my heart rate going! Sprint intervals, kettle bell, weights love it all!”


We love that Carly is such an avid PumpUp member! Check out Carly at @carlyrowena and follow her on PumpUp for awesome tips and inspiration.