"I hope to put on a bikini one day and confidently say to myself; you look hot." Those are the words of PumpUp Member Dominika. How many of us can relate to the feeling of wanting to wear something and feel totally confident in it? We have all the info about Dominika’s journey and her positive outlook on life!


Dominika started using PumpUp a few months back when she was talking to a colleague at work about wanting to get healthier and exercise more. Her colleague recommended PumpUp to Dominika and it was love at first workout ;)  “So I joined PumpUp and just like my colleague, I fell in love with the app straight away.”

We wanted to know what Dominika’s life was like before being a part of the PumpUp Fam. She tells us, “before joining PumpUp I did not maintain healthy eating habits, nor did I exercise every day. I love food, thus I was enjoying it maybe a bit too much. My lifestyle was for the most part, active as I am always up for sports and activities no matter what.” So what changed for Dominika? Her healthy habits started to become part of her everyday life and daily routine. She says,  “I don’t need to force myself to do it.  I check the latest updates on PumpUp and see all those motivated people and I am ready and determined to work out.”


Now on PumpUp, Dominika has quite a different routine! She is doing a 5-meal-a-day routine, and making sure to eat healthier around the clock. Dominika shares with us, “I do exercise 6 times a week, which involves either running, a workout, or yoga, and I am absolutely loving it. The healthy eating habits and exercising makes me feel strong not only on the outside but on the inside as well.”


Dominika’s Favourites:

Best Advice: “Motivate the mind. Body will follow. “

Fave Snack: “I love all the fruits, so I prepare them in different forms such as smoothies, or yoghurt with muesli.”

Number 1 Meal: “Lebanese grilled chicken with lettuce, tomatoes, gherkin and freshly baked pita bread from the restaurant near by my house.” – Um YUM!

Go to Drink: “Fruity Green Tea”

Favourite Motivational Saying: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

Top Workout: “My favourite workout on PumpUp is the Bottom Toner and Bottom Sharper. I also enjoy the daily 2-4 miles run and a good and relaxing yoga session. “


If you use PumpUp, Dominika wants to say to you, to mix up your workouts! “Try to differentiate your workouts and diet. You won’t get bored quickly and it is always more fun to try out the new stuff. “

There is no question that Dominika loves PumpUp workouts, but there is something she loves even more than that, and that is the PumpUp Community! She tells us, “it is amazing how many determined, active and kind people that this app has brought together. The atmosphere and motivation from other users is just incredibly supportive, which I think is very important in the process of changing our bodies and lifestyle.”


Dominika’s goals are simple, she wants to make eating healthy and exercising second nature, and wants them to come naturally to her. That includes putting an end to those chocolate and sweets cravings! Dominika realizes this journey isn’t just a couple week process it is in fact a lifestyle change. She says, “nevertheless, I definitely would not stop using this app after reaching my goals! I am already addicted and it is amazing to see the incredible transformations of other PumpUp users.”


Keep up the great work Dominika, we love x 12 your positive attitude and your devotion to healthy living. Follow Dominika on PumpUp @mikasadowska for some amazing pics, and to definitely be inspired.