This week’s Spotlight is on a girl with one of the coolest photos on PumpUp, 21-year-old Emy B, @meowemy. Emy is a model, dancer, yoga lover, and lives a super healthy life. We love her motivating and inspiring pictures so much we asked her about how she got started with PumpUp, and what her life is like!

 Emy’s fitness journey started around 1 year ago after she was feeling down about her body. She says, “I woke up one day and thought, I don’t feel that great about my body, but I bet if I made a point of eating better and working out more I wouldn’t feel like this in 30 days.” After 30 days came and went Emy was right. She not only looked better, but felt better too. So she turned that 30-Day Challenge she gave to herself into a full lifestyle change and got aboard the PumpUp train. She joined PumpUp a few months ago, by recommendation from a friend who told her that it was an awesome app that kept you motivated in your fitness journey. Emy’s thoughts now, “I continue using it on a daily basis because of how right she was!” She tells us, “I am really proud that I have pushed myself to become the best version of me possible. Now that I have PumpUp to post my workouts and healthy meals, I feel surrounded by a supportive fitness community. Not to mention I have a lot of fun tracking my progress and seeing the progress of like-minded people.”

 Emy has some awesome advice for all of us trying to live a healthy life. “Do something active every day, even if it’s just going on a 30 minute walk. No matter what, getting up and being active is always a good idea! You will never regret adding a workout but you will almost always regret skipping one.” Too true! How many of us have ever said, “I really wish I didn’t do that workout?” Exactly none of us, point proven!

 Emy hopes to continue on her health journey with PumpUp. When it comes to competition Emy explains to us, that it’s not about beating your best friend, or looking better than everyone at school, it’s solely about you. “The only person I have to compete with is who I was yesterday, six months ago, and a year ago. PumpUp is a great way to track that progress. Especially because I am tracking my progress by how I feel, how I perform and how toned my muscles are. I’m not tracking it by weight because I know that my health is determined by so much more than that!”


Is anyone else really into fitness and working hard to achieve your goals? Well, congrats because you are Emy’s motivation to keep pushing hard each and every day. She tells us her biggest motivation comes other members. “I’m really motivated by anyone who is passionate about what they do and anyone who works hard towards their goals on a daily basis. People who are always pushing themselves to do and be better but also encouraging others to be the best they can be is what motivates me!”

If you can’t tell from these photos Emy is pretty skilled at the art of yoga. We asked her how she got into yoga, “I started yoga in middle school because my cousin was really into it. I practiced pretty basic stuff until I took yoga classes in college. I love looking up yoga poses and routines online and challenging myself to try new things!” Trying new things is an awesome way to make sure you don’t get bored from the same routine and hey, you might end up loving it – try some yoga out today! Emy enjoys yoga because of its variety. She tells us, “I love doing yoga routines because I can do anything from a relaxing stretching session to a more intense strength and balance training session. Plus yoga not only soothes my body but also my mind and my soul.”

Emy says the main thing she does to keep active is Pilates. She loves it because it’s “a combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercise. I can change up my routine daily but usually I like to add yoga, dance, and martial arts to my workouts.”

Emy’s Favourites:

Fave Foods: “Organic peanut butter on anything is a great snack. My personal favourites have got to be, apples, celery, or toast! I love fruits and veggies and often fill up a Tupperware container of them and then snack on them all day. And of course, water is a must!”

Favourite Part About PumpUp: “The ability to set weekly goals for myself and having others involved in my progress.”

Favourite Motivational Saying: “Oh man I have a lot, but when I’m working out I tell myself:

If you’re not challenging yourself, you’re not changing yourself, and when I lack motivation, I tell myself: life favours the brave, so get out there and go for what you want!”

Something Interesting About Emy: “I believe that every person has a light inside of them that makes them capable of anything that they set their mind to. In order for our lights to shine as brightly as possible, we need unconditional support and love from others. That’s why it’s so important to always be accepting and loving towards others. One of the reasons I love PumpUp so much is because of all the positive and supportive energy from other members. “

 Follow this positive, fitness and health advocate on PumpUp @meowemy, and on Instagram @emypumpup. I think we all need to have a little more Emy in our lives! Lift people up instead of bringing them down, try new things, keep a positive attitude, and most importantly try to be better than you were the day before!