Imagine a 35 year-old Mom of two kids, ages 2 and 5, busy as heck, but still trying to get fit. She has a lot on her plate wouldn’t you say? Well let me introduce you to Glesie S, (@gles_2fitness), a 35 year-old Mom of two kids, ages 2 and 5, busy as heck, but still trying to get fit. Glesie is an avid PumpUp member who is on her journey to get fit and healthy. Want to know how she does it? Read on!

Glesie started using PumpUp in early May. She was introduced to PumpUp through Instagram. She shares with us, “I am an Instagram addict and I follow so many fitness trainers who posts their workout routines on that app. One time while I was browsing I saw someone I follow post about PumpUp saying how thankful she was for it.” Once Glesie heard about PumpUp, she couldn’t just leave it at that, she became interested in this new Fitness app. “I was intrigued and of course had to download it to see what the hype was all about. I gave PumpUp PRO a try for a few days. When the voice coaching was over I had to renew my subscription. I have fallen in love with PumpUp.” Glesie admits to us, that she is now a PumpUp addict too! (Welcome to the club!) “I got addicted to the workouts and how easy it is to use. One of the greatest things about PumpUp is that it allows me to build my workout for certain target areas of my body.”

Glesie tells us that before PumpUp she never really had the motivation to workout. She ate just about anything and it wouldn’t even bother her. To top it all off, her days never consisted of exercise. However, her routine changed greatly once she was introduced to PumpUp, “when PumpUp became part of my day to day life my motivation changed for the better and is at its peak now.” How does Glesie get the motivation you may ask? Well she says it’s “from seeing other people on PumpUp transform into better version of themselves. Seeing that gives me a push to do my part so I can achieve my own transformation.” Glesie knows she isn’t at her goal yet but she is taking all the right steps to get there. She says, “I am still a long ways away to reaching my goals but nothing is stopping me. I have totally changed my eating habits. I eat clean and healthy without feeling guilty after and that keeps me on track. I make sure that I workout at least five days a week using my PumpUp workouts and I even lift weights after. I am just so happy to have a home gym in our basement that way I don’t need to leave the house and can still watch my two girls while working out.”

We asked Glesie to share some advice to others on the same path as her, “the best advice I could give is to always keep your motivation high. Just keep pushing and working hard to be the best version of yourself.” This is exactly what Glesie tells herself, as she wants to become the best version of herself too. 

As we mentioned before, Glesie is a mom of 2 girls ages 5 and 2. Now that she has a weekend job only she is experiencing more flexibility in her schedule, which gives her the time to workout and look after her kids. She tells us, “finally the change for myself that I have been looking forward to for a long time is happening. My goal is already making its way closer to me, and for that I am thankful for PumpUp community and the motivation I get from it and of course the PumpUp workouts.” With PumpUp my Glesie’s side, she feels like she can finally do it! “Working out is made easier because of this app. Most importantly I can stay on track even when I’m away from home. The easy access to the workouts is a big plus! It’s like having a coach in my pocket.”

Glesie’s Favourites:

Fave Meal: “My favourite meal is salad. It’s easy to prepare and I can toss anything in it; tuna or meat and I love to top it off with my homemade balsamic or raspberry vinaigrettes.”

Fave Snack: “I always grab a fruit, doesn’t matter the kind.

Favourite Drink: “Water is always my go to drink.”

Favorite Exercise: “I love squats! I never thought that doing squats regularly would give me results but it totally did! My butt used to be so flat but now it is rounder and legs are also toning up.”

“I also love the core circuits! Some of my favourites are the Russian twist, crunches, and side plank with hip thrust. I am seeing progress doing all these. My stomach is smaller and I can see my abs getting tighter.”

Favourite Part About PumpUp: “The fact that I can still workout away from home. I also love to see other people’s progress. They are huge inspirations to people like me who are just starting out. These people on PumpUp play a big role in mine and others journey to fitness.”


Although Glesie is just at the beginning of her journey she has already made amazing progress and her motivation and determination are unwavering. We are positive that Glesie will reach her goals, and we are supporting her the whole way there. Want to follow Glesie in her PumpUp journey? Find her on PumpUp @gles_2fitness. You can do this Glesie!