This week on the PumpUp Blog we got to know 15 year-old Ines, who has some awesome goals she is working on accomplishing. Her starting weight is 103.5kg (228 lbs.) and she is determined to get down to 55 kg (121 lbs.) Read  on to learn about her journey right here! 

Ines began using PumpUp around 6 weeks ago. She was seeking out motivation to help her with her goals and stumbled across PumpUp. Before PumpUp Ines was eating similar foods. They were healthy and her calorie intake was around 1400/day. She even engaged in exercise 3 times a week.

Now using PumpUp not only is she more motivated to work harder and be better but she is also eating a ton of healthy meals, and working out 6 times a week for 2 hours each time! Go Ines! 

Her daily workout routine incorporates a variety of different muscle groups and is all about getting that heart pumping!

Ines does:

30 Minutes Zumba 

30 Minutes Cardio Workout

30 Minutes Training muscles (variety) 

30 Minutes PumpUp Workout 

Why has Ines stuck with her goals and working on getting healthier? Simple, because of the PumpUp community. She tells us, “I love the Motivation! All the people on the app are trying to motivate you and it actually works.”

Ines’ favourite drink is without a doubt Strawberry Shakes! And we have to say, they sound pretty taste and super simple to make! She even shared her secret recipe with us!

1. 250g Strawberrys

2. 250ml light milk

3. Some sweetener to taste

4. Blend it all in a blender and voila!

Ines’ best advice to everyone looking to embark on a healthier lifestyle is to set goals in order to give you something to work towards and also to make a motivation sheet. Just like the one Ines made in this pic, with words, pictures, and quotes that motivate you to work harder.

What motivate Ines? We asked her and she told us, “I am my biggest Motivation. You should be your own motivation to workout; it shouldn’t be because people tell you to. You have to want this change for yourself.” Ines’ favourite motivational saying is “It always seems impossible until it is done.”

Ines has had a hard time losing weight, but that doesn’t stop her at all. She tells us, “nothing can stop me from working out and eating healthy!” We at PumpUp are so proud of Ines for not giving up no matter what the circumstances. We hope to see you accomplish your goal weight and with the help of the supportive PumpUp Fam you are well on your way.