Beauty and brains, wouldn’t that be ideal? Well we have a PumpUp member who has just that.  This week we are featuring 23 year-old, pre-med student, Jisselley. Not only is Jisselley pursuing a career in medicine she also pursued her fitness goals and became a Personal Trainer!

 What brought Jisselley to PumpUp you may ask? It was a simple Instagram post in October of last year. Jisselley likes to mix up her workouts to ensure her body doesn’t get bored or tired of the same routine.  That is why PumpUp worked so perfectly for her. She tells us, I change my workouts everyday! Instead of going on YouTube, I started to build different workout combinations with this awesome application.”  She uses PumpUp to create customized workouts targeting what she wants at anytime of the day! And just like that Jisselley was hooked.  

 Soon after using PumpUp, she and her friends starting noticing major changes in her body. People wanted to know what she was doing to help her look so awesome, and that is where Jisselley’s journey to become a PT started. She says, PumpUp members inspired me to get into the fitness industry. Since I do not start medical school until next year, I decided to offer my help as a personal trainer. I just enjoy making someone’s life a little better.”  To Jisselley the best part of being a personal trainer is, “changing people’s lives! There is no better feeling than the satisfaction of watching your clients get better every day. I train people with different types of health conditions and teach them on how to live a healthier life style.” We think that is “pumptastic!”

 Jisselley’s days are jam packed but she still finds time to eat right and be healthy. She tells us, “I eat at least six times a day and I workout 5 to 6 times a week, I just truly love working-out.” Jisselley starts her day off at 8 am to eat her favourite meal of the day, breakfast. After a nutritious and delicious breakfast is gobbled up she heads to the gym for her first shift from 9-12, not forgetting to squeeze a protein shake in there at 10:00. Then she heads back home around 12:30 for lunch and eats again at 3:30! Jisselley says, “During my 5hr break at home, I study, work on my school applications and work as an online science tutor.” She is always working if you couldn’t tell already! Her last shift at the gym is from 5pm-9pm, and she’s not even done yet! She does her own workout from 9pm-11pm. That is one crazy day!


For all you PumpUp members out there, and anyone else reading this blog, Jisselley has an awesome piece of advice for you! She wants to tell you all to “never give up.” Jisselley shares with us, “I was bullied when I was a kid, I did not love myself and I thought getting in shape was something unreachable. It is reachable and today it is now real. Just stop worrying about what others think of you and exercise day by day. One day you will look at the mirror and ask,  ‘Oh snap!!! When did I get so fit?’” Since using PumpUp Jisselley set a goal for herself to have abs. She now says, “I did it, thanks to PumpUp!” PumpUp loves to be a part of people reaching their goals.

Jisselley’s Favourites:

Favourite Feature on PumpUp = “I can modify my workout combination everyday. It never gets boring.”

Fave Food =  “Peanut Butter, I am addicted”… (So are we Jisselley!)

Favourite Motivational Saying = “Do not exercise to reach a goal, but just make it a part of your life, like showering everyday.”

Favourite exercise = “I love all types of Squats!”

Jisselley’s motto is something we can all implement a little more in our lives, “Lift, eat, sleep and repeat.” Follow Jisselley on PumpUp @fitredheadmermaid, and Instagram @fit_bodysmartbrain and check out her progress and inspiring pics to keep you motivated on your journey!