Katrina is PumpUp’s sun and stars. She never fails to say positive things about other peoples’ progress and she’s gone through an incredible transformation of her own. “In 2011, I didn’t care about what I ate…I never thought about being healthy. My goal changed from being skinny to being fit.” 

Some people wake up to a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, but for khathreehna, it’s PumpUp. “I open up the app when I wake up rather than my Instagram or Facebook…It became part of my lifestyle that quick,” reveals Katrina. “In the morning I think about which workout I should do after work…isn’t that funny?” she chuckles.  She joined the community after finding out about it on Facebook 4 months ago, purely by coincidence. “I decided to download it! It has become my most favourite app,” she tells us.

PumpUp really changed the game for Katrina. “[It] became a part of my lifestyle. It’s not just an app to me, it’s been my motivator and my friend as well,” she says. “PumpUp changed everything. I eat healthier and have become more conscious of my food.” Katrina aspires to inspire others, and to gain more muscle mass and get more toned. “Because of PumpUp, my goal changed from being skinny to being fit,” she states. “One of my biggest accomplishments is that I have others asking me what I do to lose weight, what I eat, and what exercises I do. This made me think, that hey, I guess I’m inspiring other people too!”


After immigrating from the Philippines 5 years ago, adjusting to life in California was tough for Katrina. “I was 120 lbs back then—everything changed when I arrived [to the United States]. I had no friends and stayed at home trying to job-hunt while waiting for my green card to arrive,” she explains. “So I indulged myself with food. I ate a lot because I got so depressed—I could even finish a whole big Dreyer’s or Häagen-Dazs ice cream tub by myself.” Katrina would also frequently eat fried food from haunts such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and Jollibee (a Filipino fast food chain). 

Due to frequent cycling trips with her uncle, she admits that she did not gain too much weight during the first year that she arrived to California. However, once she moved out of her uncle’s house, she fell off track quite a bit. “I got heartbroken and even more sad—that’s when I gained so much weight. I’m talking 20-25 lbs more,” divulges Katrina.  Stress-eating, midnight fast-food trips with her cousins, and sedentary activity became commonplace, and her habits caught up with her. “All I did was work, stay at home, watch many movies until I fell asleep, and eat and eat and eat. The worst part was that my job only requires sitting and filing once in a while. Plus my boss bakes cupcakes for us too—and I sit in front of our vending machine. This didn’t help me from staying away from junk food,” says Katrina dejectedly.


Her health and wellness journey officially took off one year ago when she started to go to the gym with her cousin. “We went just to do some cardio and all we wanted was to lose weight. We’d go to the gym but we’d still eat out a lot (especially after a workout),” she explains. Things changed when Katrina met her boyfriend. “He introduced me to weight training and encouraged me to eat healthier. I wasn’t consistent about it though,” she elaborates.

Now Katrina eats more vegetables and makes sure that she buys at least 95% lean meat. She made simple changes that helped her to seamlessly make healthier choices. Packing her own lunch for work is one of the many strategies she pursues to stay healthy. “I only eat brown rice and whole wheat carbs now. I totally stopped eating chocolates and eat fruits as a replacement,” Katrina affirms. She does not shy away from her cravings but instead advocates to be mindful of portion sizes. “I still eat ice cream, but only a small amount. I try to get frozen yogurt with fruits on it as much as possible if I do crave it,” she reveals. 

Though Katrina doesn’t follow a specific workout plan, she made a pact to work out at least five times a week and go to the gym twice a week. She mixes it up every day and ensures that she exercises her abs and legs every day. “I do other challenges and use PumpUp for quick, intense workouts as well.”

When Katrina lost weight, she became concerned because they told her that she looked so thin. “They said they were worried about me not eating well and that they’re worried about my health. That made me think of quitting my fitness journey,” she tells us. “My PumpUp community kept me going. Because of that, I’m still here, doing my best to achieve my goal.”


She has wise advice for other members looking to lead a more healthy and active lifestyle, advocating that nobody should be afraid to push their limits despite what others may think. “Don’t ever let what other people say affect you because you are doing it for yourself, not for them,” urges Katrina. “Do not mind the haters. They will always want to bring you down. Just do what you got to do and prove them wrong.”

One of her biggest sources of motivation is the progress that she’s seeing herself make. “When I started seeing changes in my body, it motivated me to work harder because I can see that everything is paying off.” Katrina’s boyfriend is also a huge source of inspiration and support for her. “Since I started my fitness journey he has been there, reminding me of what my goal is and that I can do it,” she explains. “Of course, I’m motivated by the people who are always there to support me on PumpUp. I just love all of them!” Katrina exclaims. 


Katrina’s Favourite Eats

I love my peanut butter toast so much with bananas and I love cereal too. My favourite snacks are grapes and bananas. I love drinking water so much and I started drinking decaf green tea! I drink it every night before I go to sleep

Motivational Mantra

The most common one: "No pain! No gain!" For me it is really true. If you don’t feel the pain then you won’t be getting the results that you wanted to have. You should not settle for just the normal, you should push through your limits. Get out of your comfort zone and you will see some results!

Favourite Workout

My favorite workout at the gym is the seated leg press. At home, I love donkey kicks, v crunches and hip raises. I’ve been focusing on my legs, glutes and core. I’m doing the 30 day butt lift challenge. 

To keep active, I make sure that I at least do a lot of walking everyday. I also run with my dad or walk my boyfriend’s dog whenever I’m at his place. I also invite my boyfriend all the time to go for a walk or play basketball whenever we hang out.

Fun Facts about Katrina

I did some modeling back in the Philippines but when I got here, I stopped. I’m allergic to alcohol, so I don’t drink and I also have had asthma since I was a kid, so I don’t smoke as well. I’m very picky with fish, I don’t eat a lot of fish. I only like 1 kind of fish: milkfish. I’m studying right now to be a Licensed Vocational Nurse. That’s why I’m having a hard time balancing everything but I do my best to make sure that I still do my work out!

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