“We don’t always get support at home, our friends might get jealous of our achievements, and bring us down. What I love about PumpUp is that I get motivated, encouraged, and these strangers give me the help that I’ve been looking for. They PUMP me up.” That is straight from Kimberly’s bio on PumpUp. 

Kimberly actually downloaded PumpUp a while back, a whole 10 weeks ago! But got serious with it just a few weeks ago. She tells us, “When I first got the app a while ago I didn’t pay much attention to it. Last week was when I officially started Pump up. What got me motivated was looking at other girls pictures. The yoga poses, the toned legs, and the abs! I kept thinking, “Man, I wish I was like that in this area” but why spend time wishing it when it’s not going to come true? I can do this! Then I began exercising. “


What kick-started Kimberly into wanting a better and healthier lifestyle? Well, it was her habits before PumpUp that showed her she needed to make a change. We asked her about it and she says, “Oh man, it was terrible! I would never be committed and when I did follow through with a workout or eating healthy I would reward myself with something and fall downhill. I would snack on soda, and ate hot Cheetos with Nutella. It was terrible. I don’t eat a lot but I do snack on a lot on junk. That was my worst area. Not to mention I had no physical activity!”

Well it is a good thing Kimberly said enough was enough and has now started to work on being a healthier version of herself! PumpUp is helping Kimberly stay on track! She shares with us,  “What I love is that people that I don’t even know motivate me on PumpUp! I love that feeling. Each day is a new exercise, which is awesome because I used to get bored with my routine and quit. After sweating and feeling sore I know that I did good!” We are so proud of Kimberly’s change of mind and her hard work!

Kimberly’s Favourites:

Go to Snack:  “Trail Mix “

Fave Lunch: “Chicken Salad”

#1 Drink: “Ganoderma Mocha”

Favorite Recipe: “Baked Chicken with steak seasoning, and fat free Italian dressing. After baking for 40 minutes I grill it, and enjoy eating it with brown rice or salad.

Motivational Saying: “The only enemy that you deal with is yourself.” 

Fave Workout: “I love squats. It strengthens my legs and knees. When I started my right knee would always crack – now that I consistently do squats it no longer does it. My main focus is that, and my upper back!”

Something Interesting About Kimberly:

“Right now I am looking for a job as a Massage Therapist. I work part-time with the two year olds at my church’s Children’s Ministry. I still need to learn to be confident in myself and in what I do. I love to learn new things. I enjoy cooking, singing and writing in my journals. I always learn from my mistakes!

My parents are from Mexico, great grandma was Aztec Indian! I want to do acting one day or at least be an extra. I’m told I look like Raini Rodriguez.”


A big thing that helps Kimberly with her motivation is the other members! She says, “Other users give me advice on healthy cooking and when I want to quit they push me forward to continue.” Kimberly has proof of her change as she tells us, “I know it may sound silly but one time at a restaurant I had a choice on picking a cup of fruit or fries. And I picked the cup of fruit. I was proud of myself. “ Little steps make up the big change!

What does Kimberly want to accomplish on her journey? To simply reach her goal weight. She let’s us know, “I don’t remember being under 200 and I don’t want to reach to 300. No thank you!” Well we have faith in you, and we know you can accomplish that! Follow Kimberly on PumpUp @kiwwie_77, and join her journey to get healthy and fit!