This weeks featured user is none other than 22-year-old Australian health nut, Laura! Laura is both a singer, actress, studying to be a pre-school teacher, and still manages to find time to workout, eat right, and overall live an amazingly healthy lifestyle — wow! She exudes such a positive energy within the PumpUp community and inspires countless members, so we decided to ask her about her PumpUp journey!

Like many members, Laura began using PumpUp in order to change her current lifestyle and start living a healthier and more active life. Laura shares with us, “I never used to be conscious of what I was eating and felt tired and unmotivated to do any exercise.” Laura joined PumpUp in November of last year and since then both her energy and motivation have increased dramatically! Laura doesn’t just have motivation to reach her own goals, but she also takes it upon herself to help others reach their goals. Laura says, “I feel so much happiness to know I’ve been helping people through their journeys and to give them advice and to show how far I’ve come from using the app.” A big part of PumpUp is being able to see other people’s progress through the new, following, and popular feed. Laura comments on how this has been such a vital part of her journey. “I love being able to see other peoples progress and we are all able to help each other get to where we want to be.”

Laura stays healthy by eating meals that are full of protein and low in carbs. Her favourite meal is stuffed chicken breast with spinach and feta, and steamed vegetables on the side. As for what Laura does in the gym, “I love squats! They have helped me get results I never thought I would get! I also like deadlifts and jumping squats. Legs have been my main focus and I find these workouts really target the right areas and are helping me get closer to my goal. I also enjoy going for runs outdoors when the weather is nice.”

Laura is constantly pushing herself in every aspect of her life. Her motivational mantra is, "if you feel like quitting, think about why you started.She explains this by saying, “this relates to me because I have given up so many times in the past and ended up being so disappointed. After finding this quote I’ve realized that this time I’ve come way too far to give up. I need to think of the reasons why I chose to change my lifestyle and keep to pushing myself.” 

We at PumpUp are so proud of Laura for making such a healthy change to her everyday life, and continuing to motivate thousands of PumpUp members. Make sure you follow Laura on PumpUp @lauragully, to be inspired everyday. Keep up the awesome work, Laura, we’re pumped to be a big part of your inspiring healthy and active lifestyle!