Today’s spotlight shines upon PumpUp member Leah, who shares how one simple New Year’s resolution motivated her to achieve her fitness goals with the help of the PumpUp community. She began to use PumpUp to lose weight, to gain confidence, and to inspire others who see her posts. Leah is a PumpUp member to watch out for—she packs an extra punch with her signature pink boxing gloves! Keep on reading to learn about her fitness journey.


Leah joined the PumpUp family in January 2014 after learning about the app from Kate Sullivan, one of her fitness idols.  Prior to PumpUp, regular rounds of volleyball kept her in shape until she decided to take up golf, a much less physical sport. “I found myself splurging more in my diet and only exercising once a week, if even,” admits Leah.

She incorporated PumpUp as part of a solution to her weight loss resolution, and now finds herself exercising almost three times a week and eating with more mindfulness over the portion size and content of her meals. “I unfortunately love food too much to ever successfully diet, [and] tried a no-carb diet that lasted about a week,” Leah says. “Rather than cutting out all the foots I know I shouldn’t be eating, I cut down my portions, especially of the very sugary stuff.”


Leah’s biggest inspiration comes from her mother and her good friend Nick. “They work so hard and look so incredible now. What’s more, they’re both always there to whip me back into shape when I start lacking,” gushes Leah. “[Though] I must say, Jen Selter’s butt is [also] quite the motivation!” 

The PumpUp community is an additional source of inspiration for her. “It really is incredible to see so many people come together and support each other,” says Leah. “It’s a place I feel comfortable posting a picture with frizzy hair, no makeup or looking a little bigger than usual because I know that everyone on there wont chastise me for it. I love it and love all the people!”


Leah’s Favourites

Fave Food:I absolutely LOVE fish. Just about any kind! A grilled grouper fillet with a little bit of butter and lemon is so simple yet so satisfying.”

Fun Fact: “I can mimic the noise a dolphin makes!”

Most Motivating Mantra: ” ‘I don’t sweat for pounds or inches or dress sizes. I sweat to make my outside match my inside.’ I find this quote so relevant to me because I am a pretty good person. I’m good in school, I do my best to be kind to everyone and I know what it feels like to be disregarded just because of how I look on the inside. People often wouldn’t take the time to get to know me just because they saw a bit too much fat on the outside.”

#1 Exercise: “My absolute favourite exercise is boxing! I joined my club, Title Boxing, in April after I realized I could no longer zipper my dream prom dress. With just 2 1/2 weeks before my prom, I lost about 5 pounds and ended up wining Princess at the dance. Ever since then I’ve become increasingly good at the sport and do it just about every day with my pretty pink gloves.”


More about Leah

Like rungs on a ladder, smaller, achievable goals are the secrets to Leah’s success. “Many people, including myself before, would only be proud [to] finally reach [an] excessive goal that would take a long period of time to complete,” Leah says. “Instead, be proud that you went for that run, that you chose the salad over the burger, or that you lost a pound. It’s the little things that count. And when you begin to appreciate those little things, you will become even more motivated to keep reaching those tiny goals until you do reach where you ultimately wish to be.” 

Leah’s fitness journey is one that is pragmatic and results-driven. She says, “It certainly isn’t easy. You will feel like giving up sometimes, but when you start seeing improvements you begin to feel like it’s all worth it.”


Follow Leah on PumpUp @doogiebear to be inspired and to watch her achieve her fitness and health goals.