One of our PumpUp members who had just recently joined, posted a picture on her profile last week with the caption, “So I’m disgusting but my best friend gave me the courage to upload my starting picture. Do not judge me for my fat stomach.” Almost instantly @leighburns received over 175 likes for her photo and countless comments encouraging her to stay motivated, and make the change! So how did this amazing 19 year old from London start her journey and find the courage to post that photo? We talked with Leigh and got all the info!

 Leigh tells us that she was a fairly new PumpUp member, “I literally started using PumpUp on Monday May 19th! I started using it because a friend of mine recommended it to me and said it was really good if I wanted to drop some weight. She was right!” Before PumpUp was introduced to Leigh her lifestyle was quite a bit different. She comments on her sedentary everyday routine, “I did very little exercise. I got the bus to my local shopping mall only a mile away! The food I was eating was awful. Mainly crisps and a lot of takeaway.” However, out with the old and in with the new because Leigh has changed her lifestyle drastically since using PumpUp. “I’ve been doing PumpUp workouts every day and I’m generally more active. I have also been eating a lot healthier.” Leigh has changed her eating habits a lot as well, “when I was hungry before I would make a grilled cheese with fries or chips on the side whereas now I’ll have berries with some low fat yoghurt and it fills me up more!”

 Leigh doesn’t stop there, she’s also set an amazing goal for herself and she tells PumpUp about it! “My overall goal is to drop 50 pounds (25kg). However, it doesn’t work for me if I set my sights straight on the weight. So I have set myself smaller goals. I’m in no rush to get this done, just as long as it happens. My goal at the moment is 28 pounds (2 stone) by Christmas. I’m hoping for more but if I manage the 2 stone I will be over the moon!”

A pic of one of Leigh’s new fave snacks!

Leigh’s Favourites:

 Favourite Motivational Quote: “’Do it because they said you couldn’t’. The reason for this is because for my entire life I’ve had people tell me that I’m not strong enough and I couldn’t do this.” Now Leigh is proving them that she can and will accomplish this! Another favourite for Leigh is, “you don’t have to see the whole staircase to take the first step”.

 Favourite Part About PumpUp:  “The support from all the other users. When I uploaded my starting picture I was so sure that people would be repulsed by me. Quite the opposite happened. The likes and the comments were amazing. It really made me feel better about myself and inspired me to work harder to reach my goal. It’s just really nice to know I’ll have the PumpUp family to push me when I need it and I’m always here to return the favor for any of them! Not to go all High School Musical on you but, we’re all in this together.” 

 Favourite Exercise: “I love them all! One thing I do every day is the What Makes You Bootyful Challenge. It’s basically just a self-workout video on YouTube to help tone up your bum to One Direction’s, What Makes You Beautiful. We all secretly love that song, don’t deny it!”

 Leigh tells us that making this change in her life is still tough. She tells us the hardest part of it is “finding the motivation and energy to do a workout each day. The more and more I do it the easier it will be for me, I’m hoping!”

 Leigh wants to give advice to all the new PumpUp members, and even to those of you who have been with us for a while. “The best advice I can give would be to upload a starting picture. I really cannot begin to explain the way I felt and how motivated I felt when I uploaded mine. I was absolutely terrified to upload the picture of myself but once I did I was immediately grateful for all the support.” For all of you looking to take on a healthier lifestyle, she says, “Stick to it and prove to everyone you are the strong person you want to be. I honestly wish everyone the best of luck with their journey and hope you all reach your goals. I’m looking forward to the day I reach mine!”

 We think what you are doing is amazing Leigh. Such an inspiration to the PumpUp Community! We wish you luck with your goals, and we will do our best to keep you motivated to get there!