Todays spotlight on the PumpUp Blog goes to the absolutely stunning and strong, Melodie. This 20 year-old Canadian girl has come along way, as you can see from the pic. She’s lost a whole 40 lbs. and is still going strong and motivating a ton of people with her progress. For more on Melodie’s journey keep reading!  

Melodie joined PumpUp all the way back in December of 2013. Before joining PumpUp she was already killing the game and already lost 30 lbs. Unfortunately Melodie stopped her training for a few months and ate out at a lot of restaurants and chowed down on too much chocolate. She says, “PumpUp has helped me get back on track!”


Now that Melodie is totally back in the game, she rarely eats out at restaurants and trains 3-4 times a week. She also makes it her mission to cut out sugar and fats. Her favourite workout on PumpUp is “Bottom Lift.” She says, “Since I started with PumpUp I have really been able to see changes on my glutes.”

Melodie loves PumpUp because of the motivation and inspiration it provides her with. She says, “My favorite part about PumpUp is the encouragement I receive from the people who follow me. Not only is it really motivating, but it also pushes me to improve myself.” With PumpUp’s help Melodie has been able to lose another 10 lbs. and she has seen a ton of progress on her muscles.

Melodie’s advice to all of you? “Write down (or set yourself a reminder) on you schedule to do 1 hour of physical activity. Don’t make any excuses just do it. You will definitely feel better after. And remember, do it for yourself.”

What keeps Melodie working hard and maintaining everything that she has achieved is her boyfriend. Melodie tells us, “My biggest motivation is my boyfriend. I really just want him to be proud of me. He helps me a lot, he trains with me and sometimes he even cooks my meals!” Don’t let that guy go, he’s a keeper! J Her fave motivational saying is from Nike, “Yesterday you said tomorrow, just do it.”


Melodie’s fave 2 snacks are chocolate protein bars called, “pure proteins.” And she is also a huge fan of cucumber. She even has a healthy recipe to share with everyone, and it’s her super simple yet tasty banana pancake recipe.

“So easy. Beat 2 eggs in a bowl. Add in 1 mashed banana and mix all together. Then bake just as you would a regular pancake. With Peanut Butter it is delicious!”

Melodie never ceases to work hard, and amaze us on PumpUp with her dedication and stunning photos. Give her a follow on PumpUp @melodie_prudhomme. The last time Melodie ever weighed 120 lbs. was when she was 11 years old! Now she is as healthy and strong as ever. Melodie tells us, “Now I am confident and I’m proud of me. Thank you PumpUp!”