Who’s on the PumpUp blog today you ask? Well that has got to be a spotlight on an amazing user, Meret. Keep reading for more on how she is losing weight, and dealing with all things fitness and health. #TeamPumpUp

Meret started her PumpUp Journey a whole 6 months ago on recommendation from her fave beauty guru on youtube, Pbbunny. We wanted to know what life was like before PumpUp for Meret. She tells us, “Before PumpUp I seriously ate ANYTHING I wanted. I didn’t care at all for my health. The only exercise I would do were the fitness days we had in gym class once a week every week.” Meret’s days were not very active either as her days were basically going to school, coming home to nap, eat, school work, and then getting ready for bed. Meret says, “A horrible way to live if I must say so myself.”

Don’t worry! That boring inactive lifestyle was put to rest with the PumpUp app in Meret’s life.“Ever since I discovered PumpUp my life has changed DRAMATICALLY! Now I exercise daily, eat clean and don’t nap anymore.” Meret even says that she feels her day wouldn’t be totally completed without her daily workout! Now that is progress. She tells us, “Even if I feel lazy one day and don’t go as hard as I usually do, I still go to the gym to put in the work.” PumpUp has really become a huge part of Meret’s days as well.  Meret says, “My favorite part of my day is to keep my PumpUp account updated for all my followers. I love all the motivation everyone gives you! There is nothing but positivity and so much inspiration and motivation! The PumpUp Family does a great job making you feel amazing and keep you motivated.”

A progress pic of Meret! The left is before, and the right is where she is currently at. Definitely a great change, way to go! :)

A big issue with Meret, and a lot of people is finding the time to fit the gym into her schedule. Meret shares with us how she overcame this obstacle. “The only was I was able to deal with finding the time to hit the gym was to get rid of other things I had going on in the day, like hanging out with my friends by the pool. Sometimes I would leave early or not go at all just to have enough time in the day to go to the gym. At the end of the day going to the gym instead of laying by the poolside is always a better choice!” We agree Meret!

Meret’s Favourites:

Go to Snack: “My favourite snack is a smoothie! Any fruit smoothie! Just pop in some random fruits (whatever you like), ice, milk and yogurt and it is DELICIOUS! :)”

Favourite Motivational Sayings:

“If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up”

"The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen" 

"Wake up with determination. Sleep with satisfaction" 

Fave Workout: “I workout everyday or close to it! 20 minutes of cardio and then off to the weights I go! My favorite exercise to do is leg exercises to build more muscle in my butt and legs!”

What She Loves About PumpUp: “It’s taken a lot for me to be able to put pictures of my body up for the world to see. However, due to the positivity the PumpUp family has given me, they make me forget all my insecurities! I don’t think I’ll ever want to stop using PumpUp and I am so glad I came across it. Can’t wait to keep extending the PumpUp family for many more years to come!”

If you are on the road to a healthier lifestyle or trying to lose weight Meret has some advice for you. “Just because you don’t see results the next day, doesn’t mean you should give up! I didn’t see results the next day, week, or even month. It took a lot of training, motivation and determination!” Another key point Meret stresses, one that we need to listen to, is to not rely on the scale. She tells us, “Although you’re losing weight, you may be building up muscle mass which will stop the scale from telling you your real “body fat” weight and tell you your overall weight including the good stuff, such as muscle!”

Meret is on PumpUp to lose weight, and she has certainly started accomplishing that goal. Meret notes, “I have a HUGE journey a head of me to get the “perfect body” but I have still accomplished losing so much weight which only motivates me to keep going and to never give up!”

What keeps Meret in such high positive spirits? Her motivation is her best friend Kristina. Meret and Kristina have been on this journey together and have pushed one another along the way to get to where they are today. Meret says, “The best thing about doing this together was that we never gave up on each other. I couldn’t be more grateful to have such an awesome friend as my biggest motivation.”  

Give Meret a follow on PumpUp @meret_beshara, and IG @beautyfit. She is full of positive posts, words, and determination to get where she wants to be! Keep it up Meret, the PumpUp Fam is right behind you!