At PumpUp, we’re proud to have some of the most passionate and dedicated users who care about their health and well being.

Recently, we spoke with Ronan L. from Toronto about his experience working out with the PumpUp app. Here’s what he had to say:

I have been using the Pump Up app for about three months now, can’t speak highly enough about it. 
For many years, I was an avid gym-goer. I would workout three to four times per week. As a relatively slim person, my ambition at the gym was to add weight and muscle and over the course of about 4 years, I had added about 15lbs in muscle. (Quite the achievement for me!) However, last year due to some personal circumstances, my attendance at the gym dropped off substantially and I ended up not working out for about 6 consecutive months. Over that period much of the muscle mass that I had worked hard to put on faded.
In December, my life circumstances changed again and I resumed my gym attendance. I had heard about Pump Up from a technology blog so decided to give it a shot. The first thing I noticed about it was how it forced me out of my normal routine. Even when I was going to the gym regularly, my workouts had become somewhat static; however, PumpUp introduced me to a number of new exercises that I hadn’t considered before and encouraged me to engage in types of training that I did not do regularly (i.e. cardio/core). This made my workouts much more engaging and interesting and got me working muscles that hadn’t been used in my workouts, if ever! 
I also find the workout summaries at the end of each workout to be effective at encouraging me to complete an entire workout (and not cheat). Even though the cues are subtle, the indications that I did not complete an exercise fully are encouraging enough to make sure that next time I do not cheat, or cut out early on a workout. 
Even though I have only been going back to the gym for about 4 months now, I have already put back on most of the muscle mass that I lost and I attribute that success primarily to PumpUp. The workouts are engaging, the instructional elements intuitive, and the tracking and feedback loops motivating which all keep me coming back to the gym, using the app and constantly pushing myself to put more into - and get more out of - my workouts. 
It’s stories like Ronan’s that remind us why we’re building PumpUp. Each and every day we aim to improve the fitness, health, and lives of people across the world! We’re proud to hear that PumpUp has helped Ronan in his fitness journey!
Do you have a story on how PumpUp has helped you? We’d love to hear it.
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