Alright everyone, today on the PumpUp Blog we have an awesomely positive and smiley member, Samantha. She is totally addicted to fitness and healthy living. Her mission? To get strong and super toned! Keep reading if you want to learn more about Samantha’s journey and how she changed her objective from getting super skinny to being strong, getting more energy, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Samantha started using PumpUp over 2 months ago, in order to get more motivated at the gym. She says, “I downloaded and started using PumpUp because I was lacking some motivation and was really looking to kick it up a notch with fitness.” PumpUp did the trick and kicked Samantha’s butt back in gear! Before PumpUp she was doing quite a few things differently.

Samantha tells us, “I was paying little attention to what I was eating. I had this mindset like oh what the heck I went to the gym what does it matter! I was eating enough food and what I did eat was a horrible choice.” Samantha was also hitting up the gym, but tells us she was going about it all wrong. “All I focused on was cardio and that’s it! Just addicted to getting skinnier. My arms were little twigs, and I had barely any strength.” Overall Samantha was lacking energy. “I would hit the gym but then load up on coffee and whatever was easy to eat before class/work, and I didn’t realize how silly that was. I didn’t really have any motivation to change anything up without PumpUp.”

Samantha decided to ditch those unhealthy habits and change her lifestyle into something so much better. “Now I get to the gym 5-6 times a week. It’s become normal for me. I am so much more knowledge in strength training and have been working hard to build muscle. I do little cardio now and focus on different parts of my body during the week. I always make sure to fit in a stretching and an abs session before bed. I sleep so much better!”

Now that Samantha has made these changes she cannot believe some of the stuff that she used to do. Samantha even tells us, “I weigh more that I did before but it’s muscle and I couldn’t be happier about that. I cleaned up my diet A LOT! I pay close attention to what I’m eating; making sure it’s all good fuel for what my body needs to perform. I make sure to get lots of protein, veggies, and fruits.” Plus, Samantha is no stranger to double takes she gets while shopping. “People in the grocery store sometimes look at me like a nut because before I leave the produce section my cart is already full. But you wouldn’t believe the difference a healthy diet made for me. I have quadruple the amount of energy I used to have. I was eating more that I did before but was still slimming down. It was my body’s way of saying thank you!”

What does Samantha love about the app? It is the motivation from all the other members. Samantha says, “It’s so comforting knowing we all have a common interest embarking on a healthy journey. I also love that anytime I have extra time around my apartment I can whip PumpUp out and create a workout that’s totally customized for me. Also, being able to track my progress through posts and pictures with other people keeps me motivated!”

Samantha’s Favourites:

Favorite Snack: “Greek yogurt with some fresh fruit/granola.”

Go to Meal: “Grilled shrimp and veggie kabobs. I could eat 100 - no joke.” 

Fave Drink: “Protein smoothie.” 

Motivational Saying: “If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it. Just reminds me to always trust and believe in myself and that way I can accomplish a lot.”

More About Samantha:

“I love being at the gym. I go to my happy place while I’m there but I also love getting outdoors. Hiking, biking, and kayaking are some of my favorites. I also do a lot of volunteer/charity work in and around my city. Helping others is one of the most rewarding things out there. My major in school is Human Development.”

Samantha has some awesome advice for anyone new PumpUp members. She says, “The first step will be the hardest but the best step you will take. You definitely won’t regret choosing this lifestyle. PumpUp will help you immensely. It’s your own personal trainer in my opinion, and once you get active you stay active. Physical activity is now a daily routine for me. Remember to reward yourself! Achievements deserve rewards.”

Samantha is looking to accomplish an overall healthy body and lifestyle! We think you are doing a pretty great job at that! She also says, “I want to build strength and create HEALTHY habits that last.”  

Give Samantha a follow on PumpUp @samcas to be totally motivated by her awesome work ethic! Keep it up Samantha we love seeing your activity everyday! :)