Sandra’s struggles with her body image hit home for a lot of our members and people reading this. It’s a difficult thing to talk about, but Sandra shares with us, “I’ve always been concerned with the way I looked. I used to do a lot of emotional eating when I was stressed, when I was sad, and when I was happy too, as a reward. After I did that I constantly felt guilty for eating that extra piece of cake or slice of pizza. I would go into different compensation methods. Sometimes I would go running like crazy, sometimes I ate nothing at all, and at other times I just wouldn’t care and would eat and lay down on the sofa for the whole day.” Sandra’s behavior was worrisome for her parents. She tells us, “I got my parents worried and they wanted to take me to a doctor to help me overcome my body image issues. In that moment I realized that this change would need to come from me and no one else. I needed to change my state of mind.” And with that moment of realization Sandra decided to change. She changed for the better.  

Sandra joined PumpUp over 4 months ago after she saw Instagramer @sezenak using it. When she discovered PumpUp she said, “oh my, if this app helps me to get as fit as her… I am totally in! I was in a constant search for a motivational fitness community, not just the super fit and extremely healthy people on Instagram, I needed a place that showed there were more people starting from the very beginning just like me.” After downloading PumpUp for the first time Sandra says, “I tried it out and saw how awesome it was. I was hooked on the support you get from other members and the great workouts you can create.”


Sandra’s everyday life before PumpUp was quite different. She tells us, “before using PumpUp I used to work out only a little. About 2 times a week, and not a really good workout either. That’s why I wasn’t seeing the results.” Sandra would go to University during the day, come home to study and as she puts it, she was a “coach potato.” That lifestyle did a 180-degree turn for the better once Sandra joined PumpUp. She says, “I made a huge change to my life. I swapped my gym membership for a better one, I downloaded the App and all of a sudden I was way more active.” Sandra now works out 4-6 times a week, and always varies her routine. Sometimes she does PumpUp workouts, other times its Zumba class, or lifting weights. She manages all of this in between working an 8-hour shift everyday and studying for school.

She also tells us that since dating her boyfriend she is feeling a lot better with herself. Sandra says, “since using PumpUp I no longer need a boys approval to feel good like I used to. Don’t get me wrong, having my boyfriend there is awesome, but now I know I’m not dependent on him saying I look awesome to believe it. I have one hundred percent changed into a much healthier and positive person.”

Sandra doesn’t just workout and eat healthy for “a bikini body or for losing 2 extra kilos.” She tells us that she has made this change in order to look after her body. She says that a healthy lifestyle for her is crucial, “I am seeing my mother going through a lot of painful moments due to her osteoarthritis. This is because for the past 15 years she just did not keep an active lifestyle, and that is something I do not want for me or anyone.” Way to go Sandra, for standing up and making sure that you live a healthy life!

Sandra has a lot of motivation to keep her pushing through every workout and making healthy choices. A lot of that motivation comes from the girls on social media that post a ton of great pics and have perfect bodies. However, she has motivation that is more personal than that. She says, “I must say my biggest motivation comes from both my parents. My dad has lost nearly 20 kilos since the start of the year and my mother joined my gym to fight back all negative effects of her illness.” A lifestyle change for the whole family, amazing job guys!

Sandra’s Favourties:

Fave Foods: “I just love tea, smoothies and yogurts”

Favourite Motivational Saying: “Better sore than sorry”

Favourite Workout: “I created a full body workout with a friend that we called the Victoria’s Secret Workout it is awesome! I also like the workouts PumpUp creates for me. I also LOVE Zumba, Spin, Body Jump and Body Pump and I find Crossfit amazing!”

Favourite Part About PumpUp: “The support you get from everyone! The best part to me though is seeing a lot of different people using it, trying to be a better version of them selves, it is really inspiring!”

Get To Know Sandra Better:

Looks like Sandra wishes she was accepted to Hogwarts because she loves (with a passion) everything Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Superhero movies, books, comics and anything Zombie related!

“I don’t drink more than a couple of beers every once in a while since I got into a healthier lifestyle, and I changed going out at night for going to the movies every weekend with my friends.”

Sandra is working on finishing her degree in International Tourism and this fits well with her since she loves travelling and languages.

Sandra’s goal while on PumpUp is to finally achieve her dream body. She shares with us, “I do not know yet what my ideal body will look like yet, just one day I will look into the mirror and say: this is it.” Sandra now feels that she has become healthier and more positive from using PumpUp, she says, “I’m at peace with my body image now.” Follow Sandra on PumpUp @sandrafitness and be inspired everyday with her journey to her dream body!