At PumpUp, we’re proud to see our members take their fitness to the next level by working out with our app.

Recently, we spoke with Stephanie G. from Waterloo, Ontario about her experience working out with the PumpUp app. Here’s what she had to say:

I first heard of PumpUp after meeting one of the founders for the first time. Right after our first conversation, I searched his LinkedIn profile to find out more about his company… it was love at first sight! 

As an avid runner, I’m always looking for ways to add more excitement to my workouts. The first time I opened the app, I created multiple workouts and saved them so they were ready to go for the week. 1 week of using PumpUp, quickly turned into 2, which turned into 3 and so forth. I fell in love with the diversity of exercisesmy favourite part is the ability to create a workout (that worked) without using any equipment. 

I quickly found myself using PumpUp everyday - in the gym, at home, in my backyard, while on vacation, etc. I literally carried a personal trainer in my pocket wherever I went!

At the end of all this, I wanted to put the workouts to the test. Before I started using PumpUp, I attended my first TRX class.. and, I sucked. It was painful, I was miserable and definitely not up for the challenge. After 3 weeks of using PumpUp, I decided to try out that TRX class again. Not only was I keeping up with the class, I was increasing my levels of complexity and difficulty — never once did I want to run away.

As I get ready to run my 5th half-marathon this year, I can’t wait to use PumpUp to supplement my running and increase my overall body strength!

As Stephanie experienced, PumpUp is perfect wherever you want to work out. We’ve made sure to include a very diverse set of exercises that don’t require any equipment. If you can’t make the gym, just build a quick workout with whatever equipment you have available and you’re good to go! We’re proud to hear that Stephanie is loving the app and is using PumpUp to train for her 5th half-marathon!

Do you have a story on how PumpUp has helped you? We’d love to hear it.

P.S. Don’t forget to download PumpUp to start living a more active and healthy life!