We are super pumped to share with you this PumpUp Member’s awesome journey today on the blog! Today’s blog is all about Stephen. A 21 year-old Canadian guy who is always working, and always improving! Give the blog a read to see how Stephen turned exercising for injury prevention, into a full-blown love for fitness!

Stephen joined the PumpUp Family back in January 2014, so a whole 30 weeks ago – he’s a PumpUp veteran that’s for sure! He started using PumpUp because of how encouraging and motivating it is. He says, All of the PumpUp members create an awesome community that motivates every user, whether it’s your very first exercise or if you’re an seasoned athlete.”


Even before joining PumpUp Stephen was already into fitness and made sure that it was part of his every day routine. Stephen would aim to go to the gym 5 days a week (Monday-Friday), but unfortunately he wouldn’t always be consistent. “I would sometimes workout 5 days and other times I would only workout 2 days a week.”

Now that Stephen is on PumpUp his consistency is on point! Stephen admits, “I find myself checking PumpUp more than any other social networking app! (YAY!) Everyone’s progress and their encouraging words make me motivated to get to the gym! Since I’ve signed up with PumpUp I find myself going to the gym at least five days a week! I always think to about how hard the users that post on #TransformationTuesday have worked to achieve their goals and I want to work hard too.”


Stephen has quite a bit of motivation. To quote him he says he has a few thousand people who motivate him! They are his followers on PumpUp.

“Every member who follows me is a motivator! It shows me that they care about my progress and my posts. I like to think that if you are following me, then you want to see my progress and that I’m pushing myself. Each one is unique and inspires and motivates me in different ways. When I see a single Mom on PumpUp posting their workouts even though they have so much on their plate, it motivates me to push through my excuses. When I see someone who is posting his or her first workout, it makes me motivated to get up and get to the gym.” 


Another big motivator for Stephen happens to be himself. He notes that there is nothing more motivating than seeing your own progress. “Once you see your progress you get hooked and all you think about is your next workout.” Some famous inspirations of Stephens include Steve Cook, and Christian Guzman.

The motivational saying that Stephen lives by is, “Proud but never satisfied,” and his fave workouts on PumpUp are, The ab circuits! They always make me feel it!” A big reason of why Stephen is so invested in PumpUp is because of the other members. Stephen tells us, “My favourite part about PumpUp is the community of uplifting members! No matter what you post, you will always have someone saying something nice or giving you advice.”

Fave Food:

For Stephen the answer to that question is easy, French Toast! He is aware that French Toast it is not all that, “nutrient rich,” but says, There is always ways to add a little protein to make it healthier and more macro friendly!” Guess what? He even has the French Toast recipe for everyone to try out:


  • 1/4 Cup (2 Ounces) Sugar Free Original Coconut Milk (or Regular Milk/other Milk Substitute)
  • 2 Large Eggs
  • 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  • 1 Teaspoon Ground Cinnamon
  • 1 Scoop (30g) Vanilla Protein Powder
  • 2 Teaspoons (8g) Light Brown Sugar
  • 1/4 Cup (61g) Unsweetened Apple Sauce
    4-6 Bread Slices

Calories in the WHOLE recipe (in just the mix):

Calories: 336
Fat: 12g
Saturated Fat: 4g
Sodium: 311mg
Carbs: 19g
Fiber: 2g
Sugar: 15g
Protein: 38g

Calories in the WHOLE recipe (w/ the bread):

Calories: 723
Fat: 15g
Saturated Fat: 4g
Sodium: 971mg
Carbs: 85g
Fiber: 14g
Sugar: 21g
Protein: 62g

What is Stephen’s advice for everyone else out there? Simple, take more before/progress pictures! Even if you aren’t all that pleased with how you look now, you are going to want them to compare how you are going to look a month from now! Stephen comments, “I regret not taking more pictures before I started getting into fitness. I didn’t take pictures because I was self-conscious about my body and worried about how people would judge me.” He tells us that PumpUp helps change that self-conscious view and mindset that you may have. “Every user on the app is very supportive so no one should be afraid to post pictures! Post every activity that you do so you can see how many calories you have burned, and wait for all the uplifting comments people have for you!”


Stephen is super proud of the fact that he has leaned out and built some muscle, but he also has some awesome plans and goals moving forward, he says, “I will continue to build muscle and I would like to eventually compete in a Men’s Physique competition.”

A little bonus info about Stephen is the reason why he started his fitness adventure. He shares with us,  “I love to snowboard but I have knee problems. I dislocated my knee many times in each leg. In physiotherapy I was taught some exercises to do at the gym and it all started from there. Now I can snowboard every year and not have to be too concerned about my injuries. My fitness adventure started out as injury prevention and now it’s my world!”

Follow Stephen on PumpUp @stephenspump and on instagram @StephenErnstFitness, his goal is, “aspire to inspire” and he is always happy to answer any questions for have! We love seeing your progress on PumpUp Stephen, don’t stop working hard!