“I’ve made up my mind I am ready to live” are the words of PumpUp member Tiffany N. At 413 pounds with 2% muscle mass Tiffany was slowly dying. Some nights she would stop breathing in her sleep, her ankles and feet were constantly swollen which caused permanent damage to her knees, and she didn’t partake in any physical activity. Determined to change her fate, on April 10th of 2014, she underwent Gastric Bypass surgery.

Tiffany now weighs in at 365 pounds with 9% muscle mass, and is still going strong. She started using PumpUp just a few weeks ago on a recommendation from one of her favourite YouTube bloggers. Before PumpUp she was still eating a lot of processed foods. Once Tiffany was an active PumpUp member she lets us know, “once I started using PumpUp and saw the meals that other members with really good results posted I changed my way of eating. Now I try to eat as little processed food as possible. I eat a ton of veggies, and my meat intake is limited to turkey.” Kimberley Morgan has helped Tiffany to eat the right foods according to her blood type and those are the guidelines that Tiffany follows now. 

We asked Tiffany about her Gastric Bypass surgery and what it was like. She informs us,

“Gastric bypass itself was very difficult but nonetheless it was a life saving surgery.” A lot of people would assume a surgery like that would be more difficult physically than mentally but Tiffany tells us that it is actually the opposite. “Physically you are never hungry so in that sense it is not too bad. However, mentally you are always hungry. Your mind remembers how good foods and drinks tasted and how good you felt when you had them.” Regardless of how hard the aftermath of Gastric Bypass Surgery is Tiffany says, “but even though it was hard there is no denying that it saved my life. I want others to understand Gastric Bypass is simply a tool.  That’s why I work out consistently.” Having the surgery doesn’t just save Tiffany’s life and she is good to go she still has to work at it everyday, “I still have to put in the work others do to get to the health and body that I desire.”

 With her old habits behind her and now using PumpUp Tiffany says, “now that I am using PumpUp my lifestyle has changed tremendously. I no longer eat fried foods - except for the occasional fried pickle ;)” And Tiffany doesn’t just stop there; she works out a minimum of 5 days a week and sometimes does 2 a days! (Atta girl Tiff!) She tell us, “best of all I am active, I don’t sleep the day away anymore. I sleep all night and the next day I am full of energy. I get out and get active my 8 year-old daughter. I now have a positive outlook on life.”  


This picture is an amazing milestone for Tiffany – to some people crossing your legs is another everyday task but for Tiffany it is quite different! She hadn’t been able to cross her legs in over 15 years! She crossed them in this photo one day and didn’t even realize she did it until 5 minutes had passed! Go Tiffany!

 Tiffany’s goal on PumpUp is simple she just wants to be healthy. “I hope to accomplish health. I am not so focused on weight or body size. I just want to be healthy. Whether it is at 200 lbs. or 300 lbs.” What helps her reach this goal is her 8 year-old daughter, along with her future children and husband. She tells us, “I want to live to enjoy them.” Tiffany likes PumpUp because it’s super easy to use and it gets the job done! She says, “it shows you how to do the exercises and I don’t have to guess at what I should do to work a certain part of my body. That is my favorite part about PumpUp.” Tiffany is also a huge fan of PumpUp PRO and likes that it talks to you and tells you what to do! 

Tiffany’s Favourites:

Fave Food: “Half of a toasted sandwich with 2 oz. of turkey breast and 1 oz. of low-fat cream cheese!”

Fave Drink: “2 oz. of red seedless grapes, lime, and strawberry infused water.”

Favourite Motivational Saying: “One can change the mindset of 10, 10 can change the mindset of an entire culture.”

Favourite Fitness Activity: “I love walking. Especially a route with hills.”  

Favourite PumpUp Workout: “Short Complete Wreckage”

Something Interesting About Tiffany:  “I am a professional makeup artist. This was another reason I wanted to get healthy. I want to branch out and do make-up all over the world. However, I couldn’t do that before because I often got tired after doing just one client. Now I can do multiple clients and not be winded or have swollen feet.”

Tiffany’s leaves us with her best advice to fellow PumpUp members or anyone looking to lead a more active life. “Make the first step. Don’t look back a year from now and wonder what you could have been by that point.  Most of all, whether or not you realize it, there is someone watching you. It may be a sibling, child or friend. You could be their motivation.” We wish Tiffany all the best luck in her quest for a healthy lifestyle! Thanks for inspiring all of us to be better than we were yesterday Tiffany! Make sure to follow her on PumpUp @tipp8477 and on Instagram @4herculture8.