Today on the blog it’s all about Vale. Her starting weight on her fitness and health quest was 72.8 kg, and she is now sitting at 66 kg, and has totally changed her habits and lifestyle! We got the scoop on Vale, and how she went from spending her days eating and watching TV, to exercising at least 4 times a week and eating healthy foods. Vale joined PumpUp with the hopes of shedding some extra weight, not only has she done that, but she’s gained muscle, endurance, and so much more confidence! Keep on reading for Vale’s entire story.


Vale has been using PumpUp for a whole 7 months, and started simply because she wanted to live a better lifestyle. Vale shares, “I wasn’t feeling good about my body and was having image issues.”  That was because before Vale started using PumpUp, she wasn’t doing much to get healthy or active. Vale says, “Before PumpUp I barely moved. I was signed up at a gym but never went. My day was basically getting up then eating all day while watching T.V.”

That all changed when Vale went to a nutritionist in order to get help with creating a food schedule. Vale tells us, “She has been awesome with me, and I’m never hungry. She made me delete sugars and concentrated fats like butter and cheese.” Now Vale exercises at least 4 times a week, with a 1-hour cardio session, and good ol’ squats every night.


Vale shares her advice with you guys, “To anyone struggling with how you feel about your body and health, do something. Any changes you make should start with knowing that you’re doing them for you, not for anyone else. If people notice your changes, good for them, but the most important person you need to impress is yourself. Everyday can be better than yesterday, and try to be better tomorrow.”

Vale’s Favourites:

Fave Drink:  “Fruitshakes. They are my total weakness! Once a week I get my blender and throw in half a banana and any fruit I feel like having, plus some ice cream and a bit of milk.”

Fave Saying: “‘No pain, no gain.’ Cause nothing is easy. You need to work for everything you want.”

#1 Exercise: “I love dancing, its what I’m best at. The way your body just flows with music… It just traps me.”


More About Vale: “I have an awesome listening capacity, and singing for me is very easy, same as playing guitar and learning other languages, so if you ever catch me off guard, you’ll probably hear me singing and inventing lyrics out loud.”

Vale’s biggest motivation comes from a local Chilean athlete, Isidora Jimenez. Vale says, “I really admire for her strength and enthusiasm, besides being very beautiful and encouraging.”


While Vale was starting to make a change to her lifestyle she experienced setbacks with the passing of her Grandpa. Vale tells us, “When I started using PumpUp, my grandpa was the person who really kept me motivated to go on and keep pushing, to basically do something about me. About 5 months ago, he passed away, and a huge part of me left with him. I was frustrated, and I fell into a small depression. I then realized that he would have LOVED to see me happy, so I started working out again, not as much as before at first, but once I started noticing changes, most of my days were finished at the gym.”


Vale’s goals for right now are to lose a little more weight. She says, “ I want to lose those extra pounds in order to be 100% happy with my body, without wanting to hide it behind big shirts and baggy pants. At the moment, I have lost over 12 pounds, but also I’ve gained endurance and strength on my core, arms and legs.”

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