Today we are featuring Vanessa, G, a motivated and determined PumpUp member who’s main mission is to get a booty and some rock hard abs (how many of us can relate to this!) Vanessa started this goal 3 months ago when one of the fitness accounts she followed on Instagram posted about PumpUp and she decided to try it out! She shares with us, “PumpUp was exactly what I needed. It had planned workouts and I could post progress pics without spamming my other social networks.”

Vanessa admits to us that she has changed a lot since using PumpUp, she was still active and tried to be healthy beforehand but it just wasn’t the same. She tells us, “before PumpUp, I was pretty active but I only did massive amounts of cardio. I thought I ate healthy, but I was really taking two steps backward because I would binge on junk food. Pizza is my weakness.”  Like many other members Vanessa just didn’t know what to do when she hit the gym. “I didn’t know what kind of exercises to do, how to do them, or how many reps to do.” Now that Vanessa is a regular PumpUp member a lot has changed! “I’ve found the motivation to steer clear of junk food, with the occasional cheat meal” – who doesn’t have those anyways! Best of all Vanessa share with us, “PumpUp has helped me get a routine going. I have specific workouts that I customized for each day, and I know exactly what muscles I’m working. It has always been a goal of mine to build muscle but I didn’t know how. I can definitely say that PumpUp has helped with that.”

 A day in the life of Vanessa now? She says, “I use the app for all my workouts. I drink a lot of green tea. A cup in the morning and before I go to bed. It really helps me with staying hydrated, energized, and satisfies my hunger for a bit.” Vanessa also shares with us that she no longer worries about the number that the scale says, “I don’t count calories and I don’t weigh myself anymore, I’ve found that I’m a lot happier if I don’t.”


Vanessa has some awesome advice for anyone reading this wanting to live a more active and healthy life. She urges you to “simply get up and do something! The hardest part is getting up from the couch. Take small steps; replace the fries with apple slices and peanut butter.” She reminds us that deciding to be healthy is not just done in a few days; it is a full lifestyle change. “Eating like a bird isn’t going to produce results either, just pick the best foods for your body. When you feel like giving up, think of your goal body, working out and staying on track with your eating habits will get you closer to that goal body day by day. Just take it one workout at a time.”

Vanessa’s Favourites:

Favourite Part About PumpUp: “Being able to pick and choose the muscles I want to target in my workouts, and of course how encouraging the PumpUp community is.”

Fave Snack: “A strawberry banana fruit smoothie. It fills me up just enough to get me to my next meal.”

Favourite Exercise: “Definitely the star plank, I had no idea it even existed but I feel the burn every time!” – Try out the star plank next time you’re doing a workout, it’s intense!

Fave Meal: “Chicken breast tacos with diced tomatoes, lemon, and a pinch or two of chilli powder on top.” – Sounds great to us!

 Favourite Motivational Saying:I am strong because I was weak. I like it because it reminds me to use any pain, anger, suffering in my life, or any time where I’ve felt weak or vulnerable, as fuel and motivation to finish that extra set, finish that workout, and push through.”

Fave Drink: “Green tea with honey for sweetness, its great hot or iced.”

What’s Interesting About Vanessa: She is a ketchup fanatic – she loves the stuff seriously! Especially on her Mac and Cheese!


As for Vanessa’s mission she tells us, “I hope to stay on track with my mission to build a booty and abs, and I know I can do that with PumpUp. I’ve already gained a lot of muscle just by doing the strength training workouts, I love it.”  Follow Vanessa on PumpUp @vtrigga and on Instagram @fit_nessaa and be inspired to make your own goals and reach them just like Vanessa is doing! Keep up the hard work Vanessa, we love it!