If you're ever bored of mundane machines and seek a way to spice up your hamstring exercises in a major way, grab a stability ball and do your hamstring curls on them! When all the racks or machines are taken at the gym, stability ball hamstring curls are a sure-fire way to get your workout in. As you perform the exercise, make sure you keep your hips raised high and squeeze your glutes when you draw the ball toward you in order to maximize the benefits that you can derive from this move.

How to do stability ball hamstring curls

  1. Begin with your calves on the ball, arms at your sides
  2. Contract your abs and raise your hips high the ceiling, keeping your entire body aligned
  3. Bend your knees, draw the ball toward you until your feet rest flat on the ball
  4. Pause, then straighten your legs once again. Hips remain raised.

Step 1

stability ball hamstring curls

Step 2
stability ball hamstring curls

A gif!
stability ball hamstring curls
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