What if you could return from vacation without worrying about falling off track? Enjoy any trip and stick to your goals by indulging in local food, planning adventures, and relieving stress.

Pick Active Activities

Whether you want to traverse the tops of every emerald fjord dotting Alaska’s sunny summer coast, or chase butterflies on a warm summer morning, find active things that will enrich your travel experience. When physical activity is at the forefront of your mind, it’s easier to leave kebabs, egg-tarts, and penang assam laksa behind instead of taking them with you in a pair of pants that have ‘miraculously shrunk’.

Even low key explorations, like walking through the best museums or wandering the cobblestone-lined streets of a forgotten city, will keep your heart healthy while you’re abroad. If you pick higher-energy activities like hiking, kayaking, or running through the Louvre, this will give you more leeway for that chocolate churro later in the evening.

Avoid Stress

Reducing stress can help you lose weight, and vacation is the perfect time to destress and let your mind escape into whatever sunset-blessed land you’ve retreated to.

Before you leave, prepare your home for your trip to avoid late night worries about the stove being left on, or, heaven forbid, leaving the door unlocked. Give yourself a bit of a hassle before you leave to save yourself from stress later on. Make sure to either prepay all your bills before you leave, or set up auto-payments (and yes, even student loans need to be paid) .

To avoid missing items (or the frustration and stress that comes with worrying about them), either cover them, or store them properly. Keep precious heirlooms in a secure storage facility. Things that might seem silly to steal, like your birth certificate, large electronics, or anything that should be kept in a controlled climate, should be placed in storage if you plan on being gone for a long period of time. Having some peace of mind about your home will allow you to truly escape into the other world you descended into, and with that, long-term relaxation benefits.

Eat Like a Local

Weight loss is diet-based, so a good rule of thumb to follow when abroad is to eat where the locals eat. Traditional foods are often lower-calorie foods that will keep you fuelled on your adventures— this includes beans, rice, and vegetables. Eating like a local will allow you to maintain your weight goals, get a richer cultural experience, and save your wallet a few bucks. This is adventure fuel. Feed yourself to move up a mountain, to see the world above the clouds on daybreak in the West Lake District, or to dance all night while clubbing in Madrid. Eating like a local will make that 2 AM snack, just that: a snack.

Losing weight or maintaining your weight while on vacation is rough. It’s so easy to sink into a hammock and lay there with a drink until the airport shuttle drops you onto a plane back home, but there is too much to see in the world to remain sedentary. Relax, plan some activities, and indulge in some delicious food.

About the Author

Mary Grace lives in the beautiful Boise, Idaho. She loves hiking, skiing, and repairing vintage bicycles. If you have any comments or questions about what she has written up above, please feel free to tweet her @marmygrace, or email her directly at passwordtrying@live.com.