Thinking about becoming a vegan? This lifestyle has its fair share of challenges and rewards. Stay accountable to yourself and your goals. After maintaining a raw lifestyle for over 1 year, PumpUp member @rawincollege shared her best tips for going vegan.

Educate Yourself

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When you understand the root of why you're choosing to adopt a vegan lifestyle, you can truly become passionate about it. Do as much research as you can, watch videos from vegans who have chronicled their experience in a detailed manner, watch documentaries, and gather as many resources as you can. Many people embark on this lifestyle to become healthier, but there's also another dimension: having compassion for animals and the world as a whole. Educating yourself will motivate you and prepare you to take the leap.

Be Prepared

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When you know that you’re going to have a super busy day, plan ahead. Bring fruits and veggies with you and do whatever you have to do to maintain your lifestyle. Whether you’re running from class to class or meeting to meeting, you'll still be fuelling your body with the nutrients that it needs  to thrive. This is one of the best tips for going vegan that I could give you. Apples, bananas, cut up veggies will keep you on the right track. Packing your own snacks and lunches will prepare you for success.

Don't be hard on yourself

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Transitioning is difficult because you're making the transition from a standard American diets or one that incorporates a lot of animal products. Slowly take things out like meat and dairy, then add more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Simple swaps will help your body to feel at its best. You don’t have to be perfect to succeed. It's okay if you mess up or if you're having a bad day. Make decisions that you know are right for you. Nobody’s perfect and no one expects you to be.

Thinking about becoming a vegan? You can adopt this lifestyle with enough preparation - even in college! Here are our 5 best tips for going vegan // The PumpUp Blog

Surround yourself with good food

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Clean out your fridge. You are what you surround yourself with. If you're having a very hard time adjusting your diet, remove animal products from your diet and substitute them with nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains, and find vegan options for your favorite treats. There are so many alternatives to choose from. If you’re craving a cookie one day, there is vegan cookie option for you. It's hard enough to maintain a vegan lifestyle on the go. Make your home a space where you can thrive.

Prioritize your health

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Become a vegan can be difficult, but it becomes easier when you remember the root of why you’re doing it. You're living a cruelty-free lifestyle while maintaining a healthy body and mind. Prioritizing your health will help you to make the right choices every single day.

Ashley Hampton (PumpUp: @rawincollege) is a college student looking to spread the power of the raw vegan lifestyle through her positive posts and vibrant photos. Check out her blog to find out more about how a raw vegan eats to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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