Thank you #TeamPumpUp for updating us on your outstanding progress, you are ALL winners! 

The first of our spotlights from #transformationtuesday goes to rougealevre, whose ruthless determination gives us something that we can all be inspired by. She explains, “I said I would never [look back] but I should! A healthier me never looking back only [goes] forward from here.” We agree wholeheartedly! Don’t look back, keep moving on up! You look great rougealevre!

The next Tuesday spotlight gleams upon PumpUp member jordanbutters. Says Jordan, “I have been many ‘shapes’ in my life but ‘IN shape’ was never one of them. My highest weight was 300 lb with a 50 in waist and no muscle…Now I’m 219 lbs with a 35” waist and some muscle…My journey has just begun”. Great job Jordan for making the #transformationtuesday spotlight! #TeamPumpUp will be with you every step of the way :)

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