Brace your core: planks are coming.  If know that you're going to be planted firmly on the couch so that you can watch Game of Thrones for an extended period of time, do a plank workout in between major plot twists. Perform planks in between chapters of your textbooks. Plank it out after answering 20 emails. PumpUp member @nina_1911 demonstrates four plank variations that will allow you to strengthen your entire body as you dive deep into the world of your favourite television show or immerse yourself in your work. Regardless of how tightly-packed your schedule is, be assured that you have planks to help you stay active. How's that for multi-tasking?

4 move plank workout

Plank Variation 1: Normal plank

Plank variation 1 : Normal plank - PumpUp Blog

Rest your hands firmly on the ground, with your feet at a shoulder's width apart. Keep your body in a straight line, balancing on the balls of your feet and maintaining an arm position where your shoulders are aligned with your wrists. Try not to crane your neck too far up, and make sure that your hips don't pike up as you plank. Modification: Perform the plank on with your forearms lowered to the ground. Hold for 30-60 seconds.

Plank variation 2 : Side Plank

Plank variation 2 : Side plank - The 4 move plank workout from the PumpUp Blog

Begin in a normal plank position. Slowly rotate your body towards one side, so that your feet are stacked on top of each other. Keep one hand firmly planted on the ground and rotate the other arm upwards, so that it is perpendicular to your body. ModificationTry the side plank on one elbow, or rest the stacked foot on the ground. Hold for 30-60 seconds.

Plank variation 3: Side plank with a leg raise

Plank variation 3: side plank with a leg raise. The 4 move plank workout from the PumpUp Blog

Begin in a side plank position. With one hand planted firmly on the ground and  your other arm perpendicular to your body, lift your stacked leg as high as you can. Keep it straight and parallel to your other leg. Hold for 30-60 seconds.

Plank variation 4: Forward reach

Plank variation 4 - Forward reach. The 4 move plank workout from the PumpUp Blog

Return to the normal plank position. Keep arm firmly planted on the ground and reach the other arm ahead of you, maintaining it aligned with the rest of your body. Raise the opposite leg and reach that upwards. Hold for 30-60 seconds.

The 4 - move plank workout that you can do almost anywhere : 4 plank variations that will keep you fit when you're at your busiest (From the PumpUp Blog)

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